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I started Maplestory in late 2005, in Scania. I played the game for about 3 days but had no idea what I was doing and eventually quit. A few friends I knew from other places told me they were going to play this game, so we all decided to start in the newest world, Broa, and I've never left it since. My first character created in Broa was a Thief, but by the time I reached level 20 I realized that you need money to make a decent thief. That's when Anstormning (my oldest remaining character) was made.

Many years, and many friends, later I reached level 60, and slowly started walking away from the game, less and less active, only coming back when new places were released like New Leaf City, Mu Lung, and Leafre. In 2009, around mid-August, two friends told me about the Cygnus Knights that have been added to the game, we all created a different one, I chose the Night Walker because I had never made an assassin since my first character, and it's all a story from there.

As far as using this Wiki, I'll be fixing any grammar errors I spot, and I'll be willing to create any pages needed (Quests, NPC, Items) as well as edit pictures for the pages.


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