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I basically play on Khaini now. I almost nvr play bera.
I basically play on Windia now.
*RavvRby (dexless sin)
*614Duck (Maybe going to Delete)
*iPoopOnYouu (Aran)
I'm friends with the Smega Guy! (RawRby)
*ZexyMonkey (Cygnus)
==My Contributations==
==My Contributations==

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Hey Guys I'm Aleczorich and this is my User Page!
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UPDATE: MapleStory now works on my computer again, just in time for V.80 :D!


Hey guys this is my User page. I know it needs updating and stuff but I need a good template xP. Here it is!

About Me

I am just a plain old Kid in a plain old town in Texas. I love to play Maple Story, Edit MapleWiki, Add guides to MapleWiki, and A lot more.

My Characters

Here is a list of characters I have created:


I basically play on Windia now.

  • RavvRby (dexless sin)
  • iPoopOnYouu (Aran)
  • ZexyMonkey (Cygnus)

My Contributations


I'm An Admin also. So if you need anything, let me know on my Comment Page.

My Own Articles

My Own Guides