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Here is a list of characters I have created:
Here is a list of characters I have created:
Mainly Play Bera
*KAoHermit - Thief/Assassin - Throwing Ilbis, Steelys, and Tobis
*KAoSinDit - SinDit/Bandit - Throwing Steelys, Tobis, Kumbi, and Icies
*iTheMu1e - [[Perma_Beginner|Super Noob]]

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Hey Guys I'm Aleczorich and this is my User Page!
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UPDATE: MapleStory now works on my computer again, just in time for V.80 :D!


Hey guys this is my User page. I know it needs updating and stuff but I need a good template xP. Here it is!

About Me

I am just a plain old Kid in a plain old town in Texas. I love to play Maple Story, Edit MapleWiki, Add guides to MapleWiki, and A lot more.

My Characters

Here is a list of characters I have created:


  • WhiteyTidy - Thief/Assassin - Throwing Subis - Got Hacked Forever.


I basically play on Khaini now. I almost nvr play bera.

  • BrovvnDuck
  • 614Duck (Maybe going to Delete)

I'm friends with the Smega Guy! (RawRby)

My Contributations


I'm An Admin also. So if you need anything, let me know on my Comment Page.

My Own Articles

My Own Guides