Under the Maple Tree Relaxer

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Under the Maple Tree Chair.PNGMe in the Maple Tree Chair.PNG Maple0010.JPG

  • A chair that lets you relax and chill under a maple tree.
  • This chair is available for the 4th GMS Anniversary Events.


  • Go to Maple Tree Hill, get a Golden Leaf drop, trade it with Gaga.
  • Only available during 4th GMS Anniversary, for now
  • It may take several tries to get the chair, but it is always the first maple item you get from trading in the gold leaf.
  • Bought from Legends award shop for 4 coins(?).

Type of Item

  • Set-up Item
  • Chair


  • Cannot be traded or dropped
  • If a character is hit by a monster while resting, the chair will be retracted back to his/her inventory, and the character will get knocked back and receive normal damage.
    • A character may only sit on the chair when he/she is not in a breathing stance.