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The guide on this page was created for an older and outdated version of Maplestory and is now inaccurate to the current gameplay and no longer deemed useful. Please do not edit or delete this article.

About this guide

Welcome to the Ultimate Pure INT guide by Soaa. All text is copyrighted to Soaa, posting it without permission elsewhere than MapleWiki or MapleTip will result in me contacting the webmaster for removal.

For the sake of clarity, the following terms will be consistently used:

  • Magician designates all characters of the Magician class, not just first job characters.
  • Normal magician (capital N) designates a magician following the Normal build.
  • Low LUK magician (capital L) designates a magician following the Low LUK build.

Reasons behind going Pure INT

The Pure INT magician is an alternate magician ability build. Several builds exist, here's a general outline to the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Normal build


  • Looks like a magician
  • Less noobs nagging to sell their magician equipment
  • Slightly more magic accuracy
  • Claimed by some to be as strong as a Pure INT magician at higher levels


  • Average damage
  • Expensive equipment every ten levels
  • Slower training

Low LUK build


  • Same as the Normal build but...
  • Caps the LUK at a certain level to stop updating equipment, for example level 75 with 78 LUK, cheaper that way
  • Can wear certain weapons specially designed with a low LUK requirement to be stronger


  • Expensive equipment up until the LUK is capped
  • Low LUK equipment is expensive as well

Pure INT


  • Significantly more damage than Normal magicians
  • Cheap to maintain, equipment quickly becomes buy-and-forget
  • Faster training than the Normal and the Low LUK builds


  • Scrolled equipment can be costly
  • Greed makes the player want (and pay for) godlier items
  • Slightly lower accuracy makes it harder to train on high level monsters at a lower level

Starting a Pure INT magician

Create a new character. Be sure to think of a creative and short name, as a name change is expensive. When you roll the dice, make sure your INT is at least 10. More is better, the other stats don't matter. I recommend rolling at least 11 if you're not planning on getting NX cash to reset the last points. That said, even if you are planning to get NX, rolling more INT will save you real money. In case you're curious, I started with 10 INT and spent $10 resetting the other points. It was expensive.

Customize your look to your taste, weapon doesn't matter since you'll likely be hitting 1 ~ 3 damage anyways.

Maple Island

And so your adventure begins. Train on Snails only, and only do the following quests.

They give either easy experience or important items. Once you've completed your quests, train until you reach level 7 and 55%, at which point you can pay 150 mesos to Skank to hitch a ride to Victoria Island.

Be sure to add only INT every time you level up. This is why this build is called the Pure INT build.

First steps in Victoria

Welcome to Lith Harbor. Walk right until you see Olaf, then take his quest, The Path of Magician. Walk back to the left and take the taxi to Ellinia. Once you reach Ellinia, walk up the map and enter the Library. Talk to Grendel The Really Old and complete Olaf's quest. You will be awarded 300 experience points, leveling you up. Talk to Grendel again to become a magician.

You have just received a significant MP boost as well as one skill point. Apply your skill point to Energy Bolt. Assign Energy Bolt to a hotkey, and use the spell to hit monsters.

After exiting the Library, pass by the Ellinia Weapon Store to buy a Wooden Wand. If you don't have enough mesos to buy it, cast with your sword for a little while first, until you rack up enough mesos to buy one. It adds 23 magic attack, making you effectively a lot stronger, even stronger than Normal magicians.

You are now ready to face the world!

First job training

Consult the following table to know what training area suits you best.

Level Monster Maps
8 ~ 14 Slime Slime Tree Dungeons, The Tree That Grew
15 ~ 20 Pig Pig beach, Rain-Forrest
21 ~ 25 Horny Mushroom Horny Mushroom Tree Dungeons
26 ~ 30 Horny Mushroom, Zombie Mushroom Ant Tunnel

First job skills

Skill distribution

During the first job, you will have the same skills as any other magician. The following build is highly recommended. You are strongly advised to follow it, unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Level 8 - Energy Bolt +1
Level 9 - Improving MP Recovery +3
Level 10 - Improving MP Recovery +2, Improving Max MP Increase +1
Level 11 - Improving Max MP Increase +3
Level 12 - Improving Max MP Increase +3
Level 13 - Improving Max MP Increase +3 (maxed)
Level 14 - Improving MP Recovery +3
Level 15 - Improving MP Recovery +3
Level 16 - Improving MP Recovery +3
Level 17 - Improving MP Recovery +2 (maxed), Magic Claw +1
Level 18 - Magic Claw +3
Level 19 - Magic Claw +3
Level 20 - Magic Claw +3
Level 21 - Magic Claw +3
Level 22 - Magic Claw +3
Level 23 - Magic Claw +3
Level 24 - Magic Claw +1 (maxed), Magic Guard +2
Level 25 - Magic Guard +3
Level 26 - Magic Guard +3
Level 27 - Magic Guard +3
Level 28 - Magic Guard +3
Level 29 - Magic Guard +3
Level 30 - Magic Guard +3


If you want an explanation, here it is.

First, you start by putting one point in Energy Bolt. You leave it there, to be explained later. Then, your goal is to max Improving Max MP Increase as soon as possible, because you will need it to gain more MP per level. This skill is crucial for a magician, as the MP serves both as casting energy and survivability. It has a requirement of 5 points in Improving MP Recovery, so add that first, then max Improving Max MP Increase. Then, to save money, you max Improving MP Recovery. You will see that as you level up, you will use less potions. After maxing that, you max Magic Claw, as it will be your main attacking skill. Finally, you max Magic Guard, a skill that is useless at low levels, but that will turn out to be extremely useful at higher levels.

Magic Claw vs. Energy Bolt

Why Magic Claw and not Energy Bolt? Although, when maxed, the MP/power ratio is nearly the same, Magic Claw has several advantages. First, its strength means it can output more damage per time frame than Energy Bolt. Also, Magic Claw isn't a projectile, so it can travel through walls, where Energy Bolt cannot. Finally, as a stronger skill, it will serve you well even at higher levels, when you are fighting against monsters where you have an elemental disadvantage.

Magic Guard vs. Magic Armour

Why Magic Guard over Magic Armour? This one is fairly simple. While a boost of 40 WDEF can save you money at lower levels, it will not allow you to survive bosses at higher levels, where you will receive damage in terms of thousands.