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Items you find from Mapling are stored in your inventory. Your inventory is organized into 5 groups, hence there are 5 tabs. One of the tabs is the USE tab. In it, are all the usable items.

Healing Potions and Foods

  • Most of these are sold by NPCs
  • Double-click to use it
    • The item will disappear, and the effect will be transferred to you. Eg. Drinking a Red Potion makes you gain 50 HP.
  • Can be hotkeyed
    • Open up the on-screen keyboard
    • Drag your food/potion to the button you prefer the most
      • You may also drag the food/potion onto the 8 square buttons near the bottom-right hand corner of your screen. These buttons have the advantage of it being visible whenever you train, so there is no need to open your on-screen keyboard because you forgot which key you assigned the item to.
    • When you wish to consume the item, just press the key you assigned the item to.

Buffing Potions and Foods

  • Some of these are sold by NPCs
  • Double-click to use it
    • When used, the item will disappear, and a small square will appear on the top-right corner of your screen, with the picture of the item you consumed. This is the buff you have attained.
    • The small square represents the effect you are affected by. Eg. Drinking a Sniper Potion causes you to have a boost in accuracy until the small square at the top-right corner disappears.
    • When the small square blinks, the buff is running out. If you do not renew it, the square will disappear, and you will no longer be affected by the buff.
  • Can be hotkeyed

Return Scrolls and Capsules

  • Some of these are sold by NPCs
  • Double-click to use it
    • Once used, the item will disappear from your inventory, and you will be transported to a new map, depending on whichever scroll/capsule you use.
  • Cannot be used in certain areas (eg. Eos/Orbis Towers)
  • Cannot be used across continents (exception: Fruit Milk and Strawberry Milk)
  • Cannot be hotkeyed


  • Basic projectiles are sold by NPCs
  • To use arrows, you need to be a Bowman, and have a bow/crossbow equipped.
  • To use stars, you need to be a Thief, and have a claw equipped.
  • By attacking or using an attack skill, you will shoot your projectiles.
  • When arrows run out, you will need to buy new arrows.
  • When stars run out, you will still have the set of stars, just that it is empty and therefore cannot be used. Refill it at any NPC store.

Upgrade Scrolls

  • 100% scrolls are sold by NPCs
  • To use them, open your inventory and your equipment pages. Then drag your scroll to the equipment you wish to scroll.
    • Therefore the equipment which you wish to scroll must be wearable by you.
  • You will need to drag the scroll to the right equipment (eg. dragging an earring scroll to your helmet will not work)