Tutorial Drum Bunny

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Tutorial Drum Bunny is retired from Maplestory and is no longer obtainable in the game. This item may still exist in-game on characters who obtained it prior to its removal.
Tutorial Drum Bunny
MS Monster Tutorial Drum Bunny.png
Species Enchanted
Level 1
XP gained 1
HP 8
MP 15
Other stats
Knockback                1
Speed                -?
Jump                ?
Continent Maple Island
Area Lower Level of the Training Camp


Its magic was sealed by Grendel the Really Old. It does not deal any damage, since its function is to teach beginners how to attack monsters. Easily recognizable by the control key above its head. Interestingly, the key varies in different versions. Replacing the old Jr. Stoneballs are Tutorial Drum Bunnies and Tutorial Leatties.


Common Warrior Magician Thief Bowman Useable Etc. Mesos

Toy Drum