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== Game Registration ==
If you are completely new to MapleStory, please continue reading. If you are not and still want to learn more about the game and the Beginner class, skip to "The Dice Roll" section.
Signing up for the game is simple. Go to the [http://www.mapleglobal.com Maple Global Website] and click the "NX Passport Sign Up" button located on the left side of the website.
Once you click the link, you will be taken to a page and asked for your birthday. Make sure to insert your CORRECT birthday because you will need it later to verify your account for multiple reasons (lost password, deleting unwanted characters, etc.).
On the next, page, simply accept all the forms and press okay.
The next page is the most important step in your registration. You will insert your account name, password, email address, and security questions. Make sure you either know this information by heart or have it written down and in a safe place. I highly advice you to NEVER give this information to anyone, but sadly, people still do. Giving this information to other people will give them the ability to steal your account and change your information. If you do decide to give your information to a friend or family member, be careful.<br>
Press Next.
Make sure all the information on this page is correct also. You will be asked for your full name, gender, birthday(make sure it's the same one as before...),state, postal code (that's your zip code), and ethnicity. The last one isn't that important, but gender will determine how your character will look and what objects they can use and wear from then on.<br>
I suggest only checking the last two boxes on this form, but if you want, you can check the top one as well.<br>
Now press finish.<br>
You will now get a Congratulations message. Check your email and follow the instructions sent to you and you will be officially registered.<br>
Now it is time to download the game.
===Downloading The Game===
The game download is located at the Maplestory website. To download, click the "Game Download Free To Play" located below the login button.<br>
I stongly suggest simply clicking the Download .EXE button, but those with slower connections can download the game in parts, too. Based on your connection, this should take 20 minutes to a few hours. Please be patient.<br>
*Be sure to save the file to a place you can easily find it. The Desktop or My Documents are two of the best locations
Now that the file is downloaded, double click it and follow the instructions to install. This process should take 5-15 minutes. Once you've fully installed the game, double click the icon and you're in!
===Logging In and PIN Numbers===
Logging in is relatively simple. Once the loading screens have gone away, you will see an area for your username and password. These are the ones you used while you were registering. You will need to know them everytime you log in, so make sure you have them written down or memorized.<br>
Once you have logged in, you will be asked to choose your PIN number. This number is VERY IMPORTANT. DO NOT LOSE THIS NUMBER. Losing this number has become the main reason people are losing their accounts. If you forget this number, you will not be able to log in. If you do, there is a chance that you can get it back by emailing the Maplestory support team. Please write this down and keep it in a place you will not lose (preferably alongside your username and password).
===Choosing Your Server===
There are five servers in Maplestory. One, named Tespia, is available to Beta Test accounts only, so we will not be talking about it. The four main servers are called Windia, Broa, Scania, and Bera. Scania is the oldest and most populated of the servers. This means it is both crowded and social which can be both good and bad depending on how you wish to play. If you want to experience a busy city feeling, choose Scania. Bera was the second of the four servers to come along and has a medium amount of people. Bera is a bit friendlier than the other servers. Broa came out shortly after Bera. It's population is slightly less than Bera making it easier to train alone, away from the crowd, when you wish while still allowing you to trade and meet people in Channel 1. Windia, the newest of the four servers is filled with newcomers hoping to be the first to explore the new world. Once the excitement fades away, Windia is expected to have a population similar to that of Broa or Bera.<br>
Each server contains the exact same world and same locations. The only difference is population and the players there.<br>
Once you create a character in one server, that one character can only play there. You cannot have a character move from Scania to Broa, or Windia to Bera, and so on, but you can create up to three unique characters per server. That means you can have a total of twelve different characters in the game.<br>
===Entering the Game===
To enter the game, you double click the server you wish to play in (Windia, Broa, Bera, or Scania). There you will be given the choice to choose a channel (or CH.). Don't fret because after you choose a channel, you can freely travel between any channel of your choice later on. Choosing a channel doesn't determine where you HAVE to play, only where you start out playing. To choose the channel either double click it or click it once and then click "Go to the Selected World".<br>
==Creating your Character==
Now that you are in the server and channel of your choice, you get to make your very first character! Double click the "Create a Character" button.<br>
Once in the character creation screen, play around with the options and make a character you like. There isn't that large of a selection, but later on you will get items and equipment so you can customize how you look even more. With the new addition of the Cash Shop, you can even change your hair and skin color.<br>
Now that your character looks the way you want him/her to, it's now time to choose your name. I suggest one unique and creative. Names like "Samantha41561" aren't unique. After you have your name, click the button that says "Check". If the name is available, you're almost ready, but DO NOT click the "Okay" button yet, there's more.
===The Dice Roll===
The Dice Roll is one of the least-liked parts of the game. Perfectionists can spend up to 45 minutes rolling the random number generator.<br>
Every job type has a unique set of skills.<br>
Magician uses Intelligence and Luck (Int and Luk).<br>
Warrior uses Strength and Dexterity (Str and Dex).<br>
Thief uses Dexterity and Luck (Dex and Luk). <br>
Archer uses Strength and Dexterity (Str and Dex).<br>
Depending on which job class you wish to join, you will want to have as many points as possible in the two main skills. Adding points to the other skills is pointless and can cause your character to be weaker than it could be.
Rolling for Magicians<br>
To get a high level of Luck and Intelligence, it is important to have a low level of Strength and Dexterity. You should roll until your stats look similar to this:<br>
STR: 4/5 DEX: 4/5 INT: X LUK: X<br>
The X can be any number as long as strength and dexterity are 4 or 5 each. I suggest 4 for both STR and DEX because in the higher levels, every single point is important. However, aiming for a 4/4/X/X can take a very long time and makes the game lose its appeal.<br>
Rolling for Warriors<br>
To get a high level of Strength and Dexterity, it is important to have a low level of Intelligence and Luck. You should roll until your stats look similar to this:<br>
STR: X DEX: X INT: 4/5 LUK: 4/5<br>
The X can be any number as long as intelligence and luck are 4 or 5 each. I suggest 4 for both INT and LUK because in the higher levels, every single point is important. However, aiming for a X/X/4/4 can take a very long time and makes the game lose its appeal.<br>
Rolling for Thieves<br>
To get a high level of Dexterity and Luck, it is important to have a low level of Strength and Intelligence. You should roll until your stats look similar to this:<br>
STR: 4/5 DEX: X INT: 4/5 LUK: X<br>
The X can be any number as long as strength and intelligence are 4 or 5 each.I suggest 4 for both STR and INT because in the higher levels, every single point is important.
However, aiming for a 4/X/4/X can take a very long time and makes the game lose its appeal.<br>
Rolling for Archer<br>
To get a high level of Strength and Dexterity, it is important to have a low level of Intelligence and Luck. You should roll until your stats look similar to this:<br>
STR: X DEX: X INT: 4/5 LUK: 4/5<br>
The X can be any number as long as intelligence and luck are 4 or 5 each. I suggest 4 for both INT and LUK because in the higher levels, every single point is important. However, aiming for a X/X/4/4 can take a very long time and makes the game lose its appeal.<br>
Remember, each point is vital throughout the game. It may seem like 1 or 2 points now, but later on you'll realize how important it was you took your time.<br>
Once you have achieved the dice roll of your choice, you can now press the "Okay" button.
==Starting the Game==
If this is your first time playing Maplestory, I highly suggest you speak to every NPC (Non-Playable Character) at the beginning. Once you begin the game, you will receive a message telling you the basics of gameplay. These controls will allow you to move, jump, fight, climb ropes, pick things up, etc. If you are new, it is very important to familiarize yourself with these controls.<br>
Each NPC will give you information and small tasks to complete. It should only take a few minutes to do each task. With each task, you'll learn the basics of gameplay and you'll get a few items and experience points along the way. I highly advise you take the time to learn these aspects of the game.<br>
Once you enter the first map with monsters, you should be ready to fight and play the game. As you play around, you will probably level up a few times or will find yourself thinking the controls just don't feel right.<br>
===Changing the Controls===
Many people find the default controls hard to use and remember. To change these according to your tastes, click the "\" key while playing (make sure you are in a safe place away from monsters while doing this).<br>
A screen similar to a keyboard will show up.<br>
The keys with text on them are all keys you can use in game. If you are unsure what a key does, press the button and you'll easily find out. To move keys, click and drag them to the key of your choice. You cannot change the facial expression keys. You can also put unwanted actions in the slots below the keyboard. When you are done editing the board, it could look something like this:<br>
Don't like your changes? Never fear! Simply press the green "Default" button and all the keys will return to their original settings.<br>
*The screenshot key, like the facial expressions (F1,F2,etc.), is unable to be changed via the keyboard menu. However, the location of screenshots can be changed:<br>
"Menu"-->"System Option" Then use the scroll bar to choose a location.
===Level Up!===
Training to reach new levels is the main gameplay element of Maplestory. Whenever you complete a quest or kill a monster, you will receive things called experience points (EXP). Once you reach the set amount of exp for your level, you will "Level Up". Killing monsters in order to reach this number is calling "training". There are many benefits from training. Once you have a job, you can add new abilities to your character. You will earn ability points as well. These will be explained later. Your Hit Points (HP) and Magic Points(MP) will increase everytime you reach a new level.<br>
The amount of EXP required to level up also increases every time you level up.
===Ability Points===
Ability Points (AP) are used to increase your Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Luck. Every time you level up, you will gain 5 APs. Each job type has a formula for AP distribution:<br>
Magician AP Formula<br>
Luck is equal to your level+3<br>
All other points go into Intelligence.<br>
NEVER add points into Strength or Dexterity.<br>
Warrior AP Formula<br>
Dexterity is equal to double your level.<br>
The rest goes into strength<br>
Thief AP Formula<br>
Before reaching level 10, put AP into Dex until it reaches 25. From then on, put the rest in Luk.<br>
After level 10, follow this formula:<br>
Luck +5 for three levels.<br>
Dexterity +2 for two levels.
Archer AP Formula<br>
Strength is equal to your level+5.<br>
All other points go to Dexterity.<br>
IMPORTANT: NEVER put AP into the HP or MP slots. This is a giant waste and will only make you weaker. For more detailed information on each job type, go to [http://www.mapletip.com Mapletip]
==Maple Island==
===Training on Maple Island===
I suggest every job train on green snails until they reach level 10 (magicians leave the island at level 8). They may give less EXP, but they give a nice, constant flow. It's better to kill 4 green snails and get 12 exp points total than to kill only 1 red snail and get 8. If you are planning to be a warrior and become strong enough, you probably can switch over to killing blue snails and spores (small mushrooms).
===Maple Island Quests===
There are two quests you can do on Maple Island. One is easy for everyone and another is hard to achieve.<br>
Maria's Letter<br>
Once you get to "Rainbow Street: Split Road" (press W to see the world map), you will find Maria. After talking to her, she will ask you to take a letter to the Chief in Amherst. Take the top road in the split and continue going until you reach Southperry. There you will find the Chief. Once you talk to him, e will ask you to take a letter back to Maria. Backtrack to Maria and talk to her. She'll give you a random 5 weapon defense hat. This item will help as you continue training on Maple Island.<br>
I highly suggest doing this quest.<br>
Bigg's Collection of Items<br>
If you take the bottom road in the split, you'll enter Southperry. Walk past the first NPC's and climb a ladder. Continue walking to the right and you'll find Biggs. He will ask you to get him 30 Blue Snail Shells and 10 Orange Mushroom Tops. If you decided to move on to Blue Snails, you probably already have almost enough. Beware the Orange Mushrooms, though. The larger of the island's mushrooms drop the 10 orange tops you'll need. These are the strongest of the monsters on Maple Island and are plentiful in "Rainbow Street: Dangerous Forest". You can get there by entering "Rainbow Street: Field West of Amherst" and taking the northeast exit (the only exit to the east that's above the ground). After you collect your items, head back to Biggs in Southperry and talk to him. He will give you either a Razor Dagger (can be bought in Amherst) or a Fruit Knife (unavailable to purchase on Maple Island).<br>
Due to the difficulty of this quest to some characters, I don't suggest this to everyone, but it is a nice challenge for some.
===Leaving Maple Island===
Once you reach level 10 (level 8 for aspiring magicians), you need to leave Maple Island. It is important you do not level up again until you choose your job.<br>
Head to Southperry and go east until you see a ship and a NPC named Shanks.<br>
Shanks will ask you if you are ready to leave and will tell you that you need 150 mesos to go to Victoria Island. Once you leave, you can never go back to Maple Island with this character. Say yes and cough up 150 mesos for him and you'll find yourself in Victoria Island's Lith Harbor. Congratulations!
===Job Requirements===
Each job has a set of requirements.<br>
Magician Requirements<br>
Level 8<br>
Int 20<br>
Warrior Requirements<br>
Level 10<br>
Str 35<br>
Thief Requirements<br>
Level 10<br>
Dex 25<br>
Archer Requirements<br>
Level 10<br>
Dex 25<br>
===Job Advancement===
Now it is time to go to the city specified for your job. Magicians go to Ellinia, Archers to Henesys, Thieves to Kerning City, and Warriors go to Perion. Because Beginners get highly discounted cab fees, I suggest you use the cab to go to the city of your choice. DO NOT click on the VIP Cab, that is a completely different thing. It will take you to a place that has monsters much stronger than you and will trap you in the island. The "cab" for Lith Harbor comes in the form of a man named Phil. He is inside a shack beneath the ship. Double click him and ask him to take you to your job's city.<br>
Each city has a "leader" who will grant you your job.<br>
Magicians have Grendel the Really Old.<br>
Warriors have Dances with Balrog.<br>
Thieves have [The]Dark Lord.<br>
Archers have Athena Pierce.<br>
Magicians, after reaching Ellinia, need to enter the building at the highest point in their town to find Grendel.<br>
Warriors, after reaching Perion, need to enter the building at the highest point in their town to find Dances with Balrog.<br>
Thieves, after reaching Kerning City, need to enter the basement of the Cafe to find the Dark Lord.<br>
Archers, after reaching Henesys, need to enter "Mushroom Park" and enter the building to the west to find Athena.<br>
Check Mapletip and other Maplestory fan sites for guides made specifically for your job type. This is a guide for beginners, so there's not much more for me to say on the topic of jobs.
==The End?==
Although almost everyone who plays MapleStory will decide to advance into a job at level 8 or 10, some might decide to not do so. These players are called Permanent Beginners (Perma Beginners).
==Perma Beginners==
Reasons to be a permanent beginner:<br>
1.Never lose exp when you die.<br>
2.Cheaper cab rates means saved money.<br>
3.When you reach levels 30 and up, people will be amazed and interested.<br>
4.Unique, forced equipment style.<br>
5.Challenging new gameplay element for older players who have grown tired of the game.<br>
6.Can level past the current cut-off. For example, before the 3rd job level came out, many people stopped playing characters once they reached level 70 in order to start their third job at the appropriate point. Beginners never have to wait like this.
Reasons not to be a permanent beginner:<br>
1.Not many items to use or wear.<br>
2.Harder to level.<br>
3.No special abilities.<br>
4.Can't activate some quests.<br>
5.Weaker than most characters.<br>
6.Never get to use MP.<br>
Interested? If you want to be a Perma Beginner, continue reading.
==The Perma Beginner Beginning==
Your dice roll should be similar to that of a warrior. That means Str: X Dex: X Int: 4/5 Luk:4/5<br>
Your first ten levels should be similar to those of a warrior. Add 3 points to strength and two to dexterity. Complete Maria's quest to earn your hat and around level 10, complete Biggs' quest to get a better weapon. This is wear the two "types" of Perma Beginners forms.<br>
If you want, you can stay on Maple Island and train on an assortment of snails and mushrooms. Or, if you would rather go to Victoria Island, talk to Shanks around level 15 and leave. Staying on Maple Island makes it very hard to train, but around level 20, you should be able to kill Orange Mushrooms in one hit. If you can stick it out and train on those for the rest of your character's life, you will become one of the strongest characters ever on Maple Island.<br>
===Training for Perma Beginners===
Those who want to train in Victoria Island should loosely follow the training pattern of a warrior.<br>
Levels 10-15 Snails and Slimes in the later levels.<br>
Levels 15-20 Red Snails, Slimes, and Pigs in later levels.<br>
Levels 20-25 Slimes, Pigs, Ribbon Pigs in later levels.<br>
Levels 25-30 Slimes, Pigs, Ribbon Pigs<br>
Levels 30-35 Ribbon Pigs, Wild Boars<br>
Levels 35-40 Ribbon Pigs and Mostly Wild Boars<br>
Levels 40-45 Wild Boars<br>
Levels 45-50 Wild Boars and possibly Fire Boars in later levels.<br>
Levels 50-55 Wild Boars and Fire Boars<br>
Levels 55-60 Fire Boars and possibly Copper Drakes<br>
Levels 60-65 Fire Boars and Copper Drakes<br>
Levels 65-70 Copper Drakes and Crocos<br>
"Why does the training guide stop at level 70? I thought you said I could keep going!"<br>
Yeah, you can, but to be quite honest, from about level 55 to 70 is a mystery for training locations on Perma Beginners. Very few people have ever reached past even level 40 as a beginner. Perhaps if you stick with it, you could help determine better areas to train.<br>
This training guide should not be strictly followed. If the enemies are too strong, train on weaker ones. If the enemies are too weak, train on stronger ones. Just kill each monster in 1-2 kills. Perma Beginners are about being unique, so don't obsess over a strict training regime.
===Weapons for Perma Beginners===
Weapons a problem for permanent beginners. They get harder to find as they continue to level higher and higher. Here is a list of weapons that beginners can use:<br>
One-Handed Swords<br>
Old Gladius, Sky-Blue Umbrella, Sword, Maple Flag, Pumpkin Basket, Long Sword, Red Whip, and Yellow Umbrella.<br>
Two-Handed Swords<br>
Wooden Baseball Bat and Aluminum Baseball Bat<br>
One-Handed Axe<br>
Chief Axe, Hand Axe, Double Axe, Battle Axe, and Mithril Axe.<br>
One-Handed Blunt Weapon<br>
Wooden Club, Blue Flowery Tube, Leather Purse, Hand Briefcase, Red Flowery Tube, Plunger, Lollipop, Purple Tube, Black Tube, Emergency Rescue Tube, and Colorful Tube.<br>
Razorheaded Dagger, Fruit Knife, and Korean Fan.<br>
Fish Spear<br>
Pole Arm<br>
Sky Snowboard, Aqua Snowboard, Silver Snowboard, Gold Snowboard, Dark Snowboard, and Surfboard.<br>
Wooden Wand, Hardwood Wand, and Metal Wand.<br>
This is a current list of weapons that beginners can use. (12/20/05)
===Equipment for Perma Beginners===
Equipment, like weapons, is hard to find for perma beginners. Here is a list of equips for beginners:<br>
Mark of the Beta, Pilgrim Hat (male), Maplehontas (female), Blue/Red/Brown Skull Cap, Red/Black/Green/Blue/Yellow Headband, Black/Blue/Red Swimming Cap, Red/Blue/Yellow/Black/White Bandana, Old Wisconsin, Yellow/Blue Metal Gear, [plain]Metal Gear, Black/Yellow/Brown/Blue/Red Baseball Hat, Brown/Blue/Green Bamboo Hat, and Red/Sky-Blue/Yellow Star Bandana.<br>
White Undershirt (male), Undershirt (male), Grey T-Shirt(male), Blue Striped Undershirt (male), Blue One-Lined T-Shirt (male), Orange Sporty T-Shirt(male), White Tank Top (female), Yellow/Green Cotton Shirt (female), Red-Striped Top (female), Pink Sleeveless Shirt (female), Pink Starry Shirt (female), and Red-Striped T-Shirt (female).<br>
Blue Jean Shorts (male), Brown Cotton Shorts (male), Blue-Striped Boxers (male), Blue ClamDigger's (male), Grey Thick Sweatpants (male), Camo Pants (male), Red/Indigo Mini Skirt (female), Pink Cotton Panties (female), Ice Jeans,and Sand Blasted Jeans.<br>
Blue Sauna Robe (male) and Red Sauna Robe (female).<br>
Yellow/Blue/Red Rubber Boots, Leather Sandals, White/Black/Smelly Korean Rubber Shoes, Brown/Green/Bronze Aroa Shoes, Blue/Red/Brown Dorothy Shoes, Red/Orange/Pink/Blue Whitebottom Shoes, and Red/Blue Sneakers.<br>
Work Glove<br>
Stolen Fence and Pan Lid<br>
White/Black/Green/Blue/Red Napolean's, Blue/Red/White/Black Justice Cape, Blue/Red/White/Black Magic Cape, and Blue/Red/White/Black Gaia's Cape.
This is a current list of equipment that beginners can wear. (12/20/05)
Remember, all items in the Cash Shop can be used by all job type (and non-job types!). If you can, spice up the limited wardrobe by buying a new hairstyle or new clothes!

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