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The guide on this page was created for an older and outdated version of Maplestory and is now inaccurate to the current gameplay and no longer deemed useful. Please do not edit or delete this article.


My third guide, this time for the Thunder Breaker. As usual, tips and advice are welcome.

A JesusRidesAUnicorn guide.

Thunder Breaker Basics

General Description

The 1st set of skills are for beginner strikers, the 2nd set for 1st job strikers, the 3rd set for 2nd job striker and the last set is for 3rd job strikers. Thunder Breakers can summon the spirit of Lightning, Fulgar to aid them in battle. With thier Sprite Summon they can use lightning to do extra damage along with their physical damage.



Starting Out

So you've decided to volunteer for the Knights of Cygnus eh? Think you got what it takes? Well, before you can be a Knight, you've got to start from the bottom and work your way there. All Cygnus Knights start as a Noblesse, the Knights' very own version of the Beginner. But don't worry, you won't be one for long. Just follow the Knights' training, and you'll be up to level 10 in no time, and ready to pick your class.

Noblesse: Skills

Common Beginner Skills

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Cooldown
Link Manager.png Link Manager Allows you to manage your Link Skills, either by sharing with other characters on your account, or by choosing which skills to use on this character. Active 1 -
Nebulite Fusion.png Nebulite Fusion N/A Active 1 -
Blessing of the Sprite.png Blessing of the Fairy Grants 1 skill level for every 10 levels your highest level character has. Between Blessing of the Fairy and Empress's Blessing, the higher increase is applied. Passive 20 -
Empress's Blessing.png Empress's Blessing For every 5 levels on your highest level Cygnus Knight or Mihile character, this skill will gain 1 Skill Point. Blessing of the Fairy and Empress's Blessing do not stack, so only the stronger skill will be active. This skill can reach a max of Level 30, based on your Cygnus Knight or Mihile character's Noble Mind skill. Passive 30 -
Echo of Hero.png Echo of Hero Increase weapon attack and magic attack on all players around. (Only obtainable at level 200.) Supportive 1 2 Hours


Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Terms Between Skills
Elemental Harmony.png Elemental Harmony Use the harmony of nature to build affinity for an element of your choosing. Passive 1 -
Elemental Shift.png Elemental Shift Jump in any direction except down by pressing a direction key and jump in midair. Supportive 3 10 Min
Cygnus Blessing.png Cygnus Blessing The blessing of the awakened empress empowers the body to escape from danger. Passive 2 -
Elemental Slash.png Elemental Slash Attack enemies in front of you with pure, primal energy. Active 1 -
Elemental Expert.png Elemental Expert Become an expert of the elements to free you from elemental restrictions on all your skills. Passive 1 -
Imperial Recall.png Imperial Recall Return to the Empress using Shinsoo's power. Supportive 1 30 minutes
Noble Mind.png Noble Mind Enhances Empress's Blessing effects Passive 6 -

Noblesse Skill Build

Level 2-4: +1 Nimble Feet

Level 5-7: +1 Recovery

You won't need three snails, as it's a useless skill passed level 10, and it takes up one of your precious Etc inventory slots.

  • Note from a player: Three Snails now does NOT need snail shells any more to be used, and Thunder Breakers have Dash anyway.

1st Job: Skills

  1. REDIRECT Template:1st Job Thunder Breaker Skills

1st Job Skill Build

2nd Job: Skills

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Gains.png Gains Permanently increases STR through endless training. Passive 15 x -
Lightning Boost.png Lightning Boost Learn to better command the power of lightning. Passive 20 x -
Knuckle Mastery.png Knuckle Mastery Increases the weapon mastery and accuracy of knuckles. Passive 10 x -
Knuckle Booster.png Knuckle Booster Doubles the attack speed of your weapon. Must have knuckles equipped. Supportive 10 x Knuckle Mastery Lv. 5
Shark Sweep.png Shark Sweep Tap the power of sharks to sweep up nearby mobs. Can be linked with all skills excluding Thunder and self-skills. Active 20 x -
Tidal Crash.png Tidal Crash Charge forward like the ocean waves to sweep up enemies in range. Can be linked with all skills excluding Thunder and self-skills. Active 20 x -

2nd Job Skill Build

3rd Job: Skills

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Link Mastery.png Link Mastery Critical Rate increases when attacking stunned enemies. Attacks also have a chance to stun targets. Passive 20 x -
Lightning Lord.png Lightning Lord Grants mastery of linking skills, enabling you to deal more damage. Passive 20 x -
AscensionSkill.png Ascension Use the power of lightning to somersault kick upwards. Can be linked with Thunder afterwards. Active 20 x -
Thunder.png Thunder Like a flash of lightning, charge forward from the air. Can be used after jumping or after using Ascension. Can be linked with all skills excluding self-skills. Active 20 x -
Gale.png Gale Unleash the power gained from using link skills at once. Can be linked with all skills excluding Thunder and self-skills. Active 20 x -
Seawall.png Seawall Summons a torrent that protects you from all attacks. Supportive 20 x -
Ironclad.png Ironclad Summons resilient armor that attacks and defends. Supportive 10 x -

3rd Job Skill Build