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The guide on this page was created for an older and outdated version of Maplestory and is now inaccurate to the current gameplay and no longer deemed useful. Please do not edit or delete this article.
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"The thief job progressions reveals a two-way route. In order to advance, various requirements need to be fulfilled. It is recommended that you take time deciding what kind of thief you intend to become, before committing to a route."

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About This Guide

Many months have passed since MapleGlobal first started, and many thieves have been created since then. This guide has been created in order to assist the Thief population, and help those who wish to become a Thief. This guide assumes you are a complete beginner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question. What is AP?

Answer. AP stands for "Ability Point". Ability points are points that you put on certain stats, which include STR, DEX, INT, LUK, HP, and MP. You get 5 ability points every time you level up.

Q. Why should I try to get the lowest stats on STR and INT rather than trying to get the highest stats on DEX and LUK?

A. As a Thief, you are, by default, weak up with Warrior weapons (swords, blunt weapons, etc), but strong with stars and daggers. As you level up, these extra ability points will be useless, and you will be weaker in your melee damage too (excluding dagger damage). Therefore, we will try to maximize your damage by reducing the number of unnecessary ability points.

Q. I've noticed that I can add AP's to an HP and MP stat. What do they do and is it advisable to add to them?

A. The HP and MP stats just add to your Max HP and MP. It is not advisable to add AP to them because the increase is very low, and you may benefit less than if you put points into DEX or LUK.

Q. Why are DEX and LUK important for thieves?

A. LUK (Luck) is extremely important for thieves because it increases their damage. The DEX helps increase your damage only by a little, but it is a requirment to wear equipment, therefore we use as little DEX as possible but enough to wear your level's equipment.

Q. Why aren't STR and INT important?

A. Neither STR (Strength) or INT (Intelligence) is required to wear your equipment. Therefore, you will be weak at your starting levels, but strong later on. One exception is the STR Bandit. STR Bandits uses STR for other daggers, called "STR daggers" or Cutters, which allows them to have higher minimal damage but less maximum damage. These daggers have a STR requirement to be worn.

Q. What is SP?

A. SP stands for "Skill Point". Skill points are points you put on certain skills to activate or upgrade them. As a Thief, you receive your first skill point right after doing the job advancement (chiefly at level 10), and every level-up after then you receive 3 skill points.


Thieves are one of the classes discussed on this page. They can choose between ranged and melee, unlike the other classes, and they also have the second best amount of HP, armor and defense, but as a trade-off they lack MP; of which Thieves generally need to use a lot, perhaps even more than mages. Some believe this makes Thief a bad choice as a first character.

The Road of the Thief

You already known that that all Thieves are very strong. Therefore, we will have to use a very special technique to maximize your damage capabilities. Keep reading to find out.

After pressing the "Create a Character" button, you will be directed to a screen as shown below:


This image is of a name chooser and character customizer. One important feature is the dice roller.

The dice roller rolls for your statistics, it will determine how strong your character in the future. One wrong point, and it will cost you a bunch of damage points lost. Please keep in mind that this dice rolling procedure is very important and patience is needed to complete and succeed this.

The suggested stats are shown below and in the picture above:

-STR: 4
-INT: 4

Note:Do not get 5/5 but 4/5 or 5/4 will do but 1 point of less for your whole life.

"X" means that the numbers can be anything.
To-be STR bandits can roll any number in STR. Learn more of STR Bandits here.

Your character should have 4 STR and 4 INT because these two skills are useless for a thief (with potential STR bandits being an exception). You must focus all skill points onto the skills that actually are used by a thief which is the DEX and LUK. If you are the impatient type, then you can just put 4 or 5 points in STR and INT, but never settle for a 5/5, 6/4, 4/6, or higher. Note: This process may take up to half an hour on average. Make sure you are patient, otherwise, your character will not be as strong.

You are now ready to go on your journey as a beginner. Every single character starts out as a beginner. During your tour of Maple Island, you will learn some techniques and features that MapleStory provides. All this is preparation so you can get out of there and go on real journeys and become a thief. While being a beginner, you will not lose experience points (required to level up), but when you become a thief, you will lose EXP. points after dying. These experience points are precious because later on in MapleStory, you will take hours to gain the lots of experience you need to level up. Therefore, you must avoid dying. But since you are a beginner right now, you can die as many times as you want without losing any experience.

For each level you gain, it is important to remember to add Ability Points. You can do this by pressing S on your keyboard (default hotkey). For each level, you obtain 5 ability points. After creating your character, add DEX for every AP until it gets to 25. Then, put the rest of the AP you receive, until level 10, into LUK. Even if you see that your damage is very poor, do not add points into STR. If you are going to be a STR Bandit, not yet.

Stats needed to become a Thief

To be able to become a Thief, you must be level 10, with 25 of DEX.

Once you have reached level 10, exit Maple Island by going to Southperry and asking Shanks to leave Maple Island. You will then be teleported to Lith Harbor. At Lith Harbor, go down from the boat and find the Ticket Booth, which should not be far from the boat, and go to Kerning City. At Kerning City, go toward the left and find the Fusion Jazz Bar. Talk to the Dark Lord and he will instruct you on how to become a Thief.

As soon as you become Thief you can now fight for a cause. You can beat on things that you couldn't beat before. If you experience people that steals your kills, change channels or ask them politely to stop kill stealing. Remember, if you can pass through all the suffering of the Thief, you will join the ranks of the strongest jobs in the world of MapleStory.

The Dark Lord.

Starting Equipment

After becoming a thief, you will want to trash your beginner weapon and move on up to either a claw/throwing star combo, or a dagger. The starting claw or dagger can be bought for 3,000 Mesos at the Kerning City weapon shop. The armor vendor is also in this shop.

In order to pick up a set of throwing stars, you will have to go east(right) from the weapon store to the pharmacy; the shopkeeper here will sell you a set (Note: It is cheaper to have these stars recharged than it is to buy another set of 500 each time).


Claw thief:



-Lv 10 pants
-Lv 10 Top
-Lv 10 hat
-Lv 9-11 shoe

  • for money-savers: it is recommended to only buy the top and the boots and buy lvl 15 hat and pants when you reach lv 15

Dagger thief:

-Lv 1-10 dagger


-Lv 10 pants
-Lv 10 Top
-Lv 10 hat
-Lv 9-11 shoes
-Lv 5-10 shield

  • for money-savers: it is recommended to only buy the top and the boots and buy lvl 15 hat and pants when you reach lv 15

Dagger thief:

What to do when you reach level 10?

Please note that the rule for your AP applies after level 10 — do not use this if you are level 10 or below.

LUK: +5 for three levels
DEX: +5 for two levels

Or (recommended):
LUK: +3 on each level up
DEX: +2 on each level up


Level 1: STR = 4 INT = 4 DEX = 7 LUK = 9

Level 2: DEX + 5 DEX = 12

Level 3: DEX + 5 DEX = 17

Level 4: DEX + 5 DEX = 22

Level 5: DEX + 3 LUK + 2 DEX = 25 LUK = 11

Level: 6: LUK + 5 LUK = 16

Level 7: LUK + 5 LUK = 21

Level: 8: LUK + 5 LUK = 26

Level 9: LUK + 5 LUK = 31

Level 10: LUK + 5 LUK = 36

11: LUK + 5

12: LUK + 5

13: LUK + 5 LUK = 51

14: DEX + 5

15: DEX + 5 DEX = 35

It helps to remember that DEX should be 2 times your level and put the rest in LUK. This DEX rule applies until level 40. (After level 40, you should add four points to LUK and one point to DEX per level). Note From Player: If you do the Luk +3, Dex +2 method when u reach lvl 10, Dex will be a bit higher than double your level. I recommend that once u become lvl 13 you add 1 Dex and 4 Luk, then level 14 and higher you add dex+2 and luk+3.

To-be STR Bandits only should follow another build to have enough STR in order to arm themselves with Cutters:

If STR rolled 4 with the dice, then:
Level 19: +5 STR
Level 20: +1 STR, +4 DEX

If STR rolled 5 with the dice, then:
Level 19: +5 STR
Level 20: +4 DEX, +1 LUK

From level 20 onwards:
STR: +1 on each level up
DEX: +2 on each level up
LUK: +2 on each level up

Only STR Bandits need that STR because they can equip themselves with a better weapon at level 30. This weapon requires 20 STR.

It helps to remember that your STR should be (Level - 10), your DEX should be (2 * Level), and LUK should be the rest of the points. The DEX rule, like before, applies until level 40; the STR rule applies until level 60. (After level 60, you should add only one point to STR every two level-ups).


IconName and DescriptionMax LevelRequirements
Nimblebody.gifNimble Body: Increases accuracy and avoidability.
  • Level 1: Avoidability & Accuracy +1
  • Level 10: Avoidability & Accuracy +10
  • Level 20: Avoidability & Accuracy +20
Keeneyes.gifKeen Eyes: Increases the range of attack using throwing weapons such as throwing stars & knives.
  • Level 1: +25 extra range for throwing weapon
  • Level 4: +100 extra range for throwing weapon
  • Level 8: +200 extra range for throwing weapon
8Nimble Body level 3.
Disorder.gifDisorder: Temporarily decreases the stats of an opponent. Its weapon def. and attack will suffer; the attacking enemy will suddenly stop attacking. You can't perform the attack on an enemy that's already in "disorder", however.
  • Level 1: MP -5, decrease enemy's weapon att/def -1 for 7 seconds
  • Level 10: MP -7, decrease enemy's weapon att/def -10 for 31 seconds
  • Level 20: MP -10, decrease enemy's weapon att/def -20 for 60 seconds
Darksight.gifDark Sight: Use MP to hide behind the shadows. While hiding, the enemy can't attack, but you can't attack back either. Magic attacks will still affect you. All movements other than attacking are available. It's temporary, so after a while, you'll be back to normal.
  • Level 1: MP -24, Disappear for 10 seconds, speed -57
  • Level 10: MP -15, Disappear for 100 seconds, speed -30
  • Level 20: MP -5, Disappear for 200 seconds, speed -0
20Disorder level 3.
Doublestab.gifDouble Stab: Use MP to quickly attack the enemy twice with a dagger.
  • Level 1: MP -6, Attack twice, dealing 65% damage per attack
  • Level 10: MP -9, Attack twice, dealing 95% damage per attack
  • Level 20: MP -14, Attack twice, dealing 130% damage per attack
Luckyseven.gifLucky Seven: Use MP to quickly attack the enemy twice with a throwing star.
  • Level 1: MP -8, Attack twice, dealing 58% damage per attack
  • Level 10: MP -11, Attack twice, dealing 100% damage per attack
  • Level 20: MP -16, Attack twice, dealing 150% damage per attack

Everytime you level up, you gain 3 skill points. This guide will also show you how to use these skill points properly. Follow the guide and everything will be all right.

Claw Thief

Those are the ones who will take the claw as their favourite weapon, and make the second job advancement as an Assassin.

There are many ways to distribute the Skill Points. Here are some. The following can be the most recommendable one:

Level 10: +1 to Lucky Seven
Level 11: +3 to Nimble Body
Levels 12-13: +3 Keen Eyes per level
Level 14: +2 Keen Eyes (Maxed), +1 Lucky Seven
Levels 15-20: +3 Lucky Seven per level (Maxed)
Level 21: +3 Disorder
Level 22: +1 Dark Sight, +2 Nimble Body
Levels 23-27: +3 Nimble Body per level (Maxed)
Levels 28-30: +3 Dark Sight per level

If you not rich mean you can't buy lots of MP Pots. There is another build you can do.Not recommended!

Level 10: +1 to Nimble Body
Level 11: +2 to nimble Body , +1 to Keen eye
Level 12-13: +2 to keen eye , +1 to Lucky Seven
Level 14: +2 to Disorder , +1 to lucky seven
Level 15: +1 to lucky seven , +1 disorder , +1 dark sight
Level 15+: Level up and max lucky seven once maxed is the rest is your choice but do not max dark sight or disorder

As a Claw Thief, you are able to use Disorder or Dark Sight. Since Disorder does not work with throwing stars, the few points on it can be used to scare away monsters that are very close to you, if you hit them with the claw; but this is not a well-known use. As you get more skilled as an Assassin, you can keep the monsters away, reducing the little usefulness of Disorder to allowing you to learn Dark Sight, a more useful skill mainly used for avoiding death and for PQ-ing.

Dagger Thief

Dagger Thieves are the ones who use daggers as their favourite weapon, and will probably become Bandits after the second job advancement test.

The following can be the most recommendable way to spend your Skill Points.

Level 10: +1 to Nimble Body
Levels 11-16: +3 to Nimble Body per level
Level 17: +1 Nimble Body (Master level), +2 Double Stab
Levels 18-23: +3 Double Stab per level (Master level)
Level 24: +3 Disorder
Level 25: +3 Dark Sight
Levels 26-30: +3 Disorder per level OR +3 Dark Sight per level

The choice between Disorder and Dark Sight is up to you, although most players recommend investing points into Dark Sight, because the effects of Disorder would be, in the long run, negligible.

By level 30, your skill book should be either this way:

  • 20 Nimble Body (master level)
  • 18 Disorder
  • 3 Dark Sight
  • 20 Double Stab (master level)

Or this other (recommend):

  • 20 Nimble Body (master level)
  • 3 Disorder
  • 18 Dark Sight
  • 20 Double Stab (master level)


  • Try not to die — it isn't a good thing. You will lose experience (usually about five percent), and it can be anywhere from a few minutes work to a few hours work to make it up, depending on your level. Watch your HP gauge attentively. But if you are a beginner you can die as many times as you want.
  • Learn about the different second job advancement classes, and then figure out what you want to be beforehand, so you can prepare for the skill requirements for that certain job, and not make something catastrophic with your character.
  • Do not let anybody get to you. If they are doing that, they want to fight, so just ignore it and keep training. It's best not to give them what they want. Remember — do not feed the troll!
  • If you're patient, you can find a nice patch of land where no monsters can get you and heal instead of using potions — you save money. You can go do something else, such as talk on MapleTip. But be careful, you must be pretty sure that monsters will never reach you.
  • If you get KSed (kill stolen), do not yell or be mean. That only promotes bad behavior and makes them mad at you, and then they'll just keep KSing you until you leave. They might even follow you. Just ask politely to stop. If they continue or ignore you, then just move somewhere else. There's nothing you could do to solve the problem. You can now right click on the offending character and select Alert GM, and report for harassment, with an option to include the offending phrases.

Choosing your Second Job Advancement Class

When you reach level 30, you should go back to where you first got your job of Thief and talk to the Dark Lord. When you talk to him, he will give you a letter to take to the Thief Instructor.

The instructor is two maps east of Kerning City. It is recommended to buy many potions, about 50 or 60 orange potions, before leaving, because once you're in, you can't get out without losing what you collected. Go and talk to him, and he will take you to the test area. Your objective here is getting 30 Dark Marbles that monsters in there drop. Once you have the Marbles, talk to the instructor and he will hand you the Proof of a Hero.

Then, go back to The Dark Lord. Talk to him and give him the Proof. Next comes the choice between Assassin and Bandit. Since you are supposed to build yourself taking in mind that election, you must know already what do you want. Anyways, you can learn a bit from this article, just to help you to make up your mind.

The Assassin

Main article: Assassin/Long

The Assassin is the most popular second job advancement class for the thief. The Assassin is ranged and uses claws and throwing weapons as their main weapon of choice. They may use daggers, but they are going to be weaker with them than the Bandit.

Pros: Is ranged and can shoot very afar off. Is very fast when it comes to killing monsters.

Cons: Can not attack up close. Damage varies a lot, it can range to very low to very high. Good claws and throwing stars are often expensive or rare. Known as kill stealers.


The following is a list of skills an Assassin can use.

IconName and DescriptionMax LevelRequirements
Claw Mastery.gifClaw Mastery: Increases the mastery of throwing stars and accuracy, along with the maximum number of throwing stars to recharge. It only applies when the character is throwing stars.
  • Level 20: 60% Claw mastery, +20 accuracy, +200 throwing star max amount per set
Critical Shot.gifCritical Throw: Enables the character to make a critical attack with throwing stars on a certain success rate.
  • Level 30: 50% success rate, critical damage 200%
30Claw Mastery level 3.
Endure.gifEndure: Additional recovery for both HP and MP even while hanging still on a rope or a ladder.
  • Level 20: Additional recovery of HP +60, MP +20; every 10 seconds on a rope or a ladder
Clawbooster.gifClaw Booster: Uses HP and MP to temporarily boost up the attacking speed of the claw. It only applies when the character is equipped with a claw throwing stars.
  • Level 20: HP -10, MP -10; claw attacking speed increases for 200 seconds
20Claw Mastery level 5.
Haste.gifHaste: Temporarily improves the speed and jumping ability of every member of the party.
  • Level 20: MP -30; +40 Speed, +20 jump for 200 seconds
Drain.gifDrain: Absorb some of the damage dished out to the enemy as HP. The most one can absorb at once is the character's MaxHP / 2, and can't absorb more than the MaxHP of the enemy.
  • Level 30: MP -24; Damage 160%, absorbing 45% of the damage
level 3.

Assassin Techniques

There are many ways to fight using an assassin. Read carefully:

  • Aerial shot: Assassins can shoot while in mid air! To do this, simply jump and attack. This technique is used almost always, because it helps to avoid the monsters when they get close.
  • Backward shot: You can shoot while going backwards. Just jump to the back, turn in midair and shoot. This is technique is more difficult to master.

- (tip: do not press more than one key at a time.)

  • Jump over the monster and shoot: Jump over the monster when you are close, and just do a backward shot to them before they touch you. This is very hard to master.

The Bandit

The Bandit is the least popular second job advancement class for the thief. The Bandit attacks from close and uses daggers or cutters as their main weapons of choice. They may use claws, but they are going to be weaker with them than the Assassin.

Pros: Can attack up close, can use savage blow which can attack up to 6 times in a row in the same second. Very high damage, and great mob control.

Cons: Is not ranged, cannot attack as fast as an assassin. Prone to be KSed, because of the time required to reach a single monster.


The following is a list of skills a Bandit can use.

IconName and DescriptionMax LevelRequirements
Dagger Mastery.gifDagger Mastery: Increases the dagger mastery and accuracy. This only applies when a dagger is wielded.
  • Level 20: 60% dagger mastery, +20 accuracy
Endure.gifEndure: Additional recovery for both HP and MP even while hanging still on a rope or a ladder.
  • Level 20: Additional recovery of HP +60, MP +20; every 10 seconds on a rope or a ladder
Daggerbooster.gifDagger Booster: Uses HP and MP to temporarily boost up the attacking speed of the dagger. It only works with a dagger wielded.
  • Level 20: HP -10, MP -10; dagger attacking speed increases for 200 seconds
20Dagger Mastery level 5.
Haste.gifHaste: Temporarily improves the speed and jumping ability of every member of the party.
  • Level 20: MP -30; +40 Speed, +20 jump for 200 seconds
Steal.gifSteal: Enables the character to steal an item from an enemy with a certain success rate. Only one clean steal per monster, but multiple attempts can take place in the process.
  • Level 30: MP -24; 40% success rate to steal, basic att. 100%
30Haste level 5.
Savageblow.gifSavage Blow: Dagger: Use MP to attack an enemy up to 6 times in a row. This skill can only be used while wielding dagger.
  • Level 30: MP -27; Attack 6 times, dealing 80% damage per strike

Bandit Techniques

Here is a list of techniques that most bandits love to use.

  • Savage blow is a good move, good for getting attention, so you can use it to show off.
  • Haste is your friend: Always use haste, so that you can keep those ranged people from KSing you.
  • Don't use Savage Blow on weak things: This skill uses a lot of MP, thus requiring to consume MP potions to replace, thus wasting money unnecessarily.
  • Be fast: When you are low-leveled, many ranged people will KS you, so use strategy and speed to level up.

Third Job Advancement


Main article: Hermit

Hermits are what Assassins become after doing their third Job Advancement. When you become level 70, you can take the Third Job Test and complete it, and enjoy a new skill book which will make you even more stronger than before.


IconName and DescriptionMax LevelRequirements
Alchemist.gifAlchemist: Increases the effect of the recovery-based items like potions and others, and lengthens time for the effect, if the item is based on such. However, items such as Elixir and others that base the recovery in % do not apply on this skill.
  • Level 20: Recovery rate 150%, duration of effect 150%
Mesoup.gifMeso Up: For a certain amount of time, everyone in the party will receive more mesos than usual after killing an enemy with this skill activated.
  • Level 20: MP -60; Meso drop rate +50% for 130 seconds
Copycat.gifShadow Partner: For a certain amount of time, a shadow will appear, repeating your every move. There's no real stamina in it, and it will disappear after some time.
  • Level 30: MP -55; Regular attack 80%, skill attack 50%, lasts 180 seconds
20One Summoning Rock to use.
Shadowweb.gifShadow Web: Makes a web of your shadow, and holds up to 6 enemies in one spot at once. The enemies held in the spiderweb will be unable to move.
  • Level 20: MP -22; Holds the enemies with 80% success rate for 8 seconds
Shadowmeso.gifShadow Meso: Replaces MP with mesos and attacks enemies with the damage based on the amount of mesos thrown. Ignores the enemies' "weapon def. up" and "magic def. up".
  • Level 30: Uses min. 340 mesos, max. 800 mesos; Basic attack +50% with 10% success rate
30Meso Up level 5.
Avenger.gifAvenger: Use MP and several throwing stars to throw an enormous throwing star. The throwing star will go through the enemy, and attack the ones behind it as well.
  • Level 30: MP -30; Basic attack 180%, uses 3 throwing stars to attack up to 6 enemies
Flashjump.gifFlash Jump: While in the air after a jump, use this skill + an arrow key (left or right) for a second jump. The higher the skill level, the further the distance for the jump.
  • Level 20: MP -13; Jumps a certain distance
20Avenger level 5.

Chief Bandit

Main article: Chief Bandit/Long

Chief Bandits are what Bandits become after doing their third Job Advancement. When you become level 70, you can take the Third Job Test and complete it, and enjoy a new skill book which will make you even more stronger than before.


The following is a list of skills an Chief Bandit can use. For a SP Distribution list, please see Chief Bandit.

IconName and DescriptionMax LevelRequirements
Shield Mastery CB.gifShield Mastery: Shield Defence increases. However, it does not affect if the character does not equip the shield.
  • Level 20: Weapon defense +100%
Chakra.gifChakra: Uses MP to recover HP. Only works when the HP is less than 50%, and it'll stop if either attacked or moved.
  • Level 30: MP -27, Recovery rate 200%; Damage 112% during the recovery if hit
Assaulter.gifAssaulter: Attacks one enemy with incredible power and speed. Enemy can even be stunned on a low success rate.
  • Level 30: MP -26; Basic attack 450%, stun success rate 80% for 4 seconds
Pickpocket.gifPickpocket: Makes the enemy drop mesos for a certain period of time. The amount of mesos dropped depends on the damage and the skill level.
  • Level 20: MP -50; Success rate 60% for 180 seconds
20Meso Explosion level 3.
Band of Thieves.gifBand of Thieves: Summons fellow bandits to attack a few monsters around the area. Can attack up to 6.
  • Level 30: MP -50; Basic attack 210%, 5 "other selves" will attack enemies
Meso Guard.gifMeso Guard: Uses mesos to guard 50% of the damage received. Once the skill is used, it saves up a certain amount of mesos, and once damaged from then on out, the mesos will be used based on the damage received. The skill will be turned off when the saved mesos are used up.
  • Level 20: MP -35; Saves 2 500 mesos to guard 78% of the physical damage received for 120 seconds.
20Chakra level 3.
Mesos Explosion.gifMeso Explosion: Explodes the mesos dropped on the ground around you to attack monsters. The mesos from the monsters killed by someone else will not be able to be used for this.
  • Level 30: MP -30; Mastery 100%, explodes up to 20 coins, bundles of notes or sacks.

Places to Train

These are some really good places to train.

  • Levels 6-10: Do not train on Orange Mushrooms, since they are far too difficult — they will take many hits to kill and deal great amounts of damage. Snails and Shrooms are still good for training at these levels.
  • Levels 10-15: Slimes at Henesys, Ellinia or Lith Harbour. If you haven't already went through the First Job Adv. at level 10, you will have to restart and make a new character because if you advance late, you will have lost out crucial skill points. Buy your items, and some potions if you can afford them. You can also hunt Blue Mushrooms in Kerning City Construction Site.

The Henesys Party Quest is a good thing to do since you get 1600xp for a reward.

  • Levels 15-20: Pigs and Ribbon Pigs. Pig Beach is a great place, since there is a vast amount of Pigs, but also a vast amount of people. Just keep looking around for a place in Pig Beach. But if you cannot kill them in 1 or 2 hits, you can still get experience from Orange Mushrooms at Henesys or Kerning City.

(also try killing the fake king slime at the Kerning City construction site during the event in January. The cakes it drops sell for a lot to npc.)

  • Levels 21-30: Green Mushrooms and Horned Mushrooms are great monsters for Rogues at these levels. You can try the Green and Horned Mushroom tree in Ellinia. You may also try doing the Party Quest in Kerning City. For Dagger Rogues to which Horned Mushrooms cost too much MP, they can try the Green Mushroom tree. Funded or rich Claw Rogues may want to take on Zombie and Horned Mushrooms at Ant Tunnel, for more challenging training.
  • Levels 27-30: If desired, you can go to train to the Ant Tunnel with Zombie and Horned Mushrooms or to Perion with Wild Boars. If you find these monsters too difficult, you can stay with Green and Horned Mushrooms.
  • Levels 35-40: By now, you should be pretty strong. You can make a choice of either Wild Boar or Fire Boar for both Assassin and Bandit. Wild boars would still be good until the mid forties (40-43), even though it is a pain.
  • Levels 40-45: Try Jr. Cellions, Jr. Lioners and Jr. Grupins. They give good exp. and great drops. You can also try out the Ludibrium Party Quest — if long waits do not bother you! If you are lucky and do rapid Party Quests, you can get great experience and very neat rewards.
  • Levels 45-50: By now, you should be able to fight Star Pixies. They drop a fair amount of Pan Lids and give decent experience. Again, you can try Ludibrium Party Quest for lots of experience — if you are lucky. Since you are high-levelled, party leaders would want to invite you.
  • Levels 50-60: Star Pixies or Zombie Lupins — good drops and good exp. Stone Gollems around Henesys or Block Golems in Ludibrium Eos Tower would also be good, LMPQ (51 - 70 Ludibrium maze Party quest) is good for EXP. If you can find a training spot, Sakura Cellions give good experience because of their fast spawn rate. Just bring a lot of stars.If Those dont work and you like wicked exp do MCPQ 2 whichn will give tons of exp
  • Levels 60-70: You can go to either Drake's Meal Table (for Assasins and Bandits) or Hot Sand (for Bandits solely). Coolie Zombies in El Nath may give the best exp. amounts at these levels. Beware — it will be hard to get a spot, because pratically every other class trains here or LMPQ.
  • Levels 70-80: It is now the time for the Third Job advancement. Contrary to popular belief, Coolie Zombies give still the best exp. ratings for these levels. As Hermits gain three-minutes Shadow Partner, The Forest of Golem' party-experience begins to rival those of Zombies.
  • Levels 80-90: Coolie Zombies and Mix Gollems are still the best source of exp. until level 82 approximately, when a new variety of areas open up. Hermits can go to Death Teddies in Ludibrium; Chief Bandits can go to Ghost Pirates. In mid-to-late eighties, both Hermits and Chief Bandits can train on Spirit Vikings or Squids at Aqua Road. Parties at Master Death Teddys may yield good exp too. Chief Bandits may also consider hunting Gobies at Aqua Road, as Meso Explosion can kill the houses quickly. Bain parties in Zipangu are also a nice place to train for MapleSEA players.
  • Levels from 90 onwards: Most Thieves tend to stay at their prior training locations. As Hermits reach levels near one hundrer, they can easily get into parties fighting Grim Phantom Watches. Thieves who wish to or have followed low-DEX builds may want to kill Zakum for the Zakum Helmet. Chief Bandits can party with a Priest at Dual Ghost Pirates for nice amounts of exp., usually after level one hundred.
  • Lv 100+: You should be a pro thief by now, try out your own training on stronger monsters!Try party-ing and kill bosses, or you can be nice and train low-levels in henesys party quest.

Throwing-weapons and Equipment

Throwing-stars and throwing-knives are used by Assassins. Some of them provide extra damage, with regard to the basic and weakest ones, the Subis. The more Weapon Attack a throwing-star provides, the better — and, thus, more expensive — it is. Currently, the strongest star is the Balanced Fury throwing-star. Acquisition of stronger stars can improve damage dealt. However, you should remember that the stronger/est throwing-weapon(s) may not be good for your wallet.

The equipment that Thieves use is very critical to their efficiency. People that utilise the DEX-less technique (use little or no DEX at all) would have to purchase equipment that provides dex. People that use equipment that provides DEX does not have to add DEX each level, thus allowing them to add points into LUK. Since LUK provides damage to Thieves, it is very important.


There are scrolls, which enhance your weapon's damage. There are of five different success rates, namely 10%, 30%, 60%, 70%, and 100%. If you succeed to scroll an item with a ten or thirty percent scroll, it will have much better abilities. Sixty and seventy percent scrolls give medium abilities. And one hundred gives the worst enhances. Both the 10 and 60 percent scrolls have dark counterparts. Which are 30 and 70 percent(30 is 10's counterpart and 70 is 60's). These counterparts have the same enhances but at better success rates. However, the catch is if the scroll doesn't work, it has a 50% chance of destroying your item, permanently.

Scrolls enhance an item's abilities, allowing you to do more damage or get more defense. However, they are also very expensive.

Scrolls are mostly used by Dexless Assassins. Intertwined with their equipment, the thief can do Godly damage. Barely ever used for Bandits, but still used with WGs.

For example, the dexless assassin may use either Dex or Luk scrolls on their equipment. If your asking, why would a dexless assassin increase Dex? Well because they have 25 Dex then use the rest for Luk. Yet they use dex scrolls so they can equip claws for weapon attack.

Here are prices on Dex scrolls. (Basil Price^)

  • Overall Dex 10% = 100k - 1m
  • Overall Dex 60% = 1.4m - 5.5m
  • Overall Dex 100% = 100k - 250k

^This refers to Basil Market, a Maplestory Auctioning Site - go to:

Note: This is not an offical website owned by Nexon.

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