The Tree That Grew/The Tree That Grew I

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NOTE: The subject of this article has been removed from the game by the Big Bang.
Victoria Road The Tree That Grew.png

Bluedot.gif - Field Up North of Ellinia
Reddot.gif - Forest North of Ellinia
Redstar.gif - The Tree That Grew II


It is located in Ellinia, and is a decent training ground for low-levelled players. This map consists of six stories. The bottom, the base of the tree, has no Slimes, but contains a few Snails. Stories from second to fifth contain Slimes and very little Snails. The terrain there is not flat, so usually projectiles end up hitting the floor rather than a monster. On the sixth story, there is a small platform containing no monsters. Players usually stand there to rest and regain their HP and MP.