The Record of Goddess Minerva

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Available to all
Under Level 70 - Level Limit Quests


  1. Talk to Wiz the Librarian in the library at the first floor of Helios Tower in Ludibrium.
  2. Collect the Diary of the Goddess from the tower of the Goddess in Orbis. You find the pages needed for the Diary in the Orbis Party Quest. The room is located in the main tower of the party quest, directly located above the portal that leads to the lobby. Note that the leader of the party quest group needs to push up in order for everyone to enter.
  3. Collect Diary Pages 1-10 in Room of Darkness in the Orbis Party Quest. Note that this may take several times to collect all of the pages. This means you will probably have to do multiple Orbis Party Quests in order to obtain all the pages. Also, pages 3 and 9 are considered rare drops, so these may take longer to find.
  4. Once all pages are collected, do a full Orbis Party Quest. At the end of the party quest, talk to Minerva the Goddess in the exit room. She will put together all the diary pages and make them into a book. You may want to read this interesting book before continuing on with the next step.
  5. Talk to Wiz the Librarian.