The Pig Beach (Pre Big Bang)

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NOTE: The subject of this article has been removed from the game by the Big Bang.
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- 3-Way Road-Split before Big Bang, Wave Beach after Big Bang



Pig Beach was a very popular location with players from levels 15-25 to train due to the fast spawn and large space, so it often got crowded. After numerous other training opportunities opened (Henesys PQ, revamps of Hill East of Henesys (1-3), and Orange Mushroom maps), Pig Beach is desolate, and seen by many as obsolete. From Beta through 2007 it was heavily regarded as the prime training spot for beginning levels.

There are various good and fast Ribbon Pig and Pig spawns all around the map. Occasionally an Iron Hog may spawn here. If you cannot beat it, just try to dodge and not hit it, which will make it pursue you. If it bothers you, simply change channels. Or you can simply train on the top platforms, the Iron Hog only spawns at the bottom. Throughout 2005-2007, various high leveled characters would travel through, aiding in the removal of the pesky Iron Hog. However, this is now very rare, and most times it is best to just change channels.

To exit pig beach from the starting area, journey all the way to the right (avoid the spiky bush!), climb up the ladder, jump left through all the platforms and monsters to reach the portal. Another way is to use return scrolls, which some players choose over having to venture all the way around the map. It is easy to fall off the top platforms, as the monsters can knock you back and you may miss the jumps.

(Player's note: Entering and Exiting the Cash Shop or changing channels does not get you out! There is only one checkpoint where you will be spawned at, and that is the entrance. You can make use of this to heal HP/MP)

(Player's note: There are thorn bushes at the bottom of the map. They deal around 43 damage, and should be avoided. If you are training near the bush, jump over the bush. If you wish to pick up items that drop on that thorn bush, knock into a pig first to gain immunity, and then jump into the thorn. Pigs deal less damage than the bush.)


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Pig Beach is a hidden street located in the 3-Way Road-Split between Kerning City, Lith Harbor and Henesys, before the Big Bang. This hidden street can be reached by pressing 'Up' on your keyboard at a big yellow patch of flowers (daffodils) located on the map. You can find these flowers by coming from Henesys and simply continue left. Don't jump until you reach a point where there is a ditch with a danger sign. Jump straight onto the platform and then onto the other side. Continue left. Now be on the look out for the first ladder (LADDER, not rope) you can see (which you can reach) from the ground where you are. Climb this ladder and travel right (slightly), you will now see the daffodils circled in red in the above picture. Usually, there will be a few Pigs running around, so be careful.

Player's note: Stock up on potions while training here. To get here you need to traverse through a few maps whichever town you repot from. This can be troublesome.
Also take note that using a "Return to the Nearest Town Scroll" will return you to Lith Harbor, not Henesys.