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Spear(wo)man Guide Updated!

Hello dear Maplers, I'm here to help you guys in a bit of things. This Guide is Post-Big Bang, and I'll be glad if this guide could really help anyone.

Post-Bigbang Spear(wo)man

A lot of things have changed. now, there is no Hybrid or Spear/Polearm-based build. What happened is that now, there is ONLY ONE booster and mastery skill. This make things a lot easier, since you can save a lot of skill points. But, of course, you need more than this to level up and make-up your build. I'll start showing the training spots, since you may not need the build.

Pros and Cons


Spears and Polearms (the weapons that Spearmen use) have the longest range of the warrior weapons, thus making mobbing more effective.

Higher MP than Fighters and Pages.

Get Hyper Body, a fantastic party skill, which grants +60% HP/MP.


Lower HP than Fighters and Pages.

One of the slower leveling classes.

Can't equip shields (spears and polearms are 2-handed) so they lost out on extra defence.

Leveling Spots 1-30

1-10 : Victoria Island. When doing all the quests, be sure to gather 10 shells of each snail for Mano's Quest.

10-14 : Dances with Balrog will offer some quest for you, just accept them and do them all.

14-19 : You can go to Blue Ribbon Pigs each one gives you 23 exp, or hunt down Mano if you are looking for a little fun too, you get around 830 and around 200 by killing his mobs.

19-21 : Go to Henesys and talk to Pia, one of her quests is about the Ancient Snail. This quest consists in 4 steps, which in one of those, you shall use the shells you have gathered before.

21-22 : Take the Dimensional Portal and go to New Leaf City. By entering the city you will see it's Mayor, who can give you a quiz. It gives 333 exp each question.

22-25 : Killing some Crocos or Ligators are a great idea, since they give a nice exp, around 40, and are well-mobbed. You can also choose to kill Stone Golems, which grants you 33 exp in a smaller map.

25-30 : Taking the Mixed Golems in their Dungeon is a great choice, with a really high respawn, and each one gives 43 exp. I used to level my another char here until 42. You can also go to Edelstein, killing the monsters level 28-30.

Status 1-30

There is not much to talk about.

If this char is your first one or you are not "funded", you should use the Auto-Assign and the equipment Requirements as build.

If you are "funded", you can cap your dex around 50-70, and let your money take the Accuracy for you.

If you are "well-funded", your dex don't need to be higher than 20-50, and let your money take care of ther rest.

Just remember, you can use whichever you want.

Skills 10-30

You should choose between Iron Body or Power Strike. With Iron Body and bought equipments, you can take 1 damage from monsters around your level, avoiding the use of Potions. And since you'll kill Mobs for Up, I guess this is the smartest choice. If you want to maximize Power Strike, don't touch your Iron Body when it reach lv 11.

10 : +1 Power Strike(1).

11-13 : +9 Slash Blast(9).

14 : +1 Slash Blast(10), +2 Iron Body(2).

15-17 : +8 Iron Body(10), +1 HP Boost(1).

18-20 : +9 HP Boost (10).

21-24 : +2 Slash Blast(12), +10 Iron Body(20) OR +10 Power Strike (11).

25-27 : +8 Slash Blast(20), +1 Power Strike(2) OR +1 Iron Body (11).

28-30 : +9 Power Strike(11) OR +9 Power Strike(20).


Slash Blast(20) MAX

Iron Body(20) MAX

HP Boost(10) MAX

Power Strike(11)


Slash Blast(20) MAX

Iron Body(11)

HP Boost(10) MAX

Power Strike(20) MAX

A little explanation: Getting Slash Blast and Iron Body first, will greatly increase your survavibility and leveling, taking low damage and killing mobs. HP Boost can be helpfull at Boss Hunts and also while mobbing.

You don't necessary need to use THIS build, you can make a few changes if you want.

Leveling Spots 30-70

30-40 : Carnival Party Quest. Awesome EXP and you can exchange the Maple Coins dropped for level 30,40 and 50 weapons.

40-45 : Mushroom Kingdom Quest, Latest Hits Compilations.

45-50 : Cooper Drake,Drake and Red Drake. Latest Hits Compilations.

45-65 : In GMS, you can go to Dead Scarecrows, in the Haunted Mansion for a fast level up.

50/60-90 : Again, in GMS inside the Haunted Mansion, you can go to Twisted Jesters, for an Awesome Level up. The level you go depends of your equips and how much money you are able to spend in potions.

50-55 : Truckers. The place is well mobbed almost all day.

55-60 : Robo or Oly Oly.

60-70 : Zeta-Grey, Mateon or Plateon.

Status 30-70

Just follow up the steps, maintaining your build.

Skills 30-70

There is 3 choices:

1. Do not learn Physical Training. (Which is not a really good idea)

2. Up Weapon Booster until 11. (Should be okay with that)

3. Up Ground Smash until 11. (Should be okay with that)

WHY : After the Bigbang update, the others skills are almost obligatory. In my opinion, you should cap weapon booster at level 11, since the effect is the same, and you can just use again.

30 : +1 Weapon Mastery(1).

31-37 : +19 Weapon Mastery(20), +2 Iron Will(2).

38-40 : +9 Iron Will(11).

41-47 : +20 Hyper Body(20), +1 Weapon Booster(1).

48-50 : +9 Iron Will(20).

51-54 : +10 Physical Training(10), +2 Final Attack(2).

55-60 : +18 Final Attack(20).

61-67 : +20 Ground Smash(20), +1 Weapon Booster(2).

68-70 : +9 Weapon Booster(11).


Weapon Mastery(20) MAX

Iron Will(20) MAX

Hyper Body(20) MAX

Physical Training(10) MAX

Final Attack(20) MAX

Ground Smash(20) MAX

Weapon Booster(11)


The Credits go all to me xD

Maple Story : Europe

Server : Kradia

IGN : iTzSuka

Hope you guys enjoyed!!