The Fallen Woods

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  • Level 40 and above
  • Available to all
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  1. Speak to Taggrin at Dead Man's Gorge.
  2. Get 50 Phantom Seeds dropped by Phantom Trees.
  3. Bring the seeds to Taggrin.


  • 28,000 Experience
  • The privilege to use Mo's Shop.
  • Completing this quest is one of the requirements that enables Fiona to Synthesize/Upgrade weapons for you.


  • Phantom Seeds are not easy to collect as the trees do not spawn at the same rate as the other monsters


  • If you are having trouble finding trees, go to a twisted path or to the Crossroads during a time when not really anyone is playing, and keep ccing. It may take a while, but you'll get it. However, when you cc, watch out! Since you are playing when no one is around, you might go into a channel with a Bigfoot present, or worse: cc on top of one.
  • To identify trees, look at the base of the tree. If there seems to be a single root sticking into the foreground, it's a phantom tree. In short: look for suspicious trees that seem to be in the foreground, or covering part of the background (e.g. another tree.)
  • Look for trees that are where you know no background scenery tree exists.
  • It helps to have friends help you also collect seeds. If they already finished the quest, ask them if they have any extra seeds left over, or if they can help you. Having two people or more hunting seeds can finish this quest fast!
  • Turn down your screen quality and look for trees that stand out from the other ones. Those are Phantom Trees.