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NOTE: This guide contains a dice roll section for AP points. We would like to inform you that dice roll function is not used anymore in GMS and MapleSEA. If you are a beginner, there is no need as all points are assigned to STR. When you get your job advancement, click A and then click on auto-assign points. Please avoid that section and everytime you level up, press 'a' and press auto-assign. You may continue that system or if you are looking to use a special point build eg. dexless assassin, then you may do so.

Skills in this guide are no longer up to date

By LightArrowsz in Windia

Why be a Bowman?

Bowmen have infinite DEX and are the best job in MapleStory. They look not only cool but also can do very high damage. Also, we can hunt bosses earlier then the other classes!

Bowman.gif Character.gif

First Job
Second Job
Third Job
Fourth Job
Knights Of Cygnus
Crossbow Man
Bow Master
Wind Archer

The Dice Roll

The Dice Roll, one of the worst things in MapleStory. All you need is STR and DEX to become a bowman. So LUK and INT should be 4 or 5.

STR: As high as possible(less than DEX)roughly about 2X of dex

DEX: High as possible

INT: 4 or 5

LUK: 4 or 5


In Maple Island

Great, you're inching closer to become bowmen. Just keep slashing snails until LV 9 and 75%. Don’t bother to talk to anyone, just keep killing snails. Also try doing every quest available. THEY ARE EASY EXP POINTS!

Stats Distrubution/Skill Distrubution(Beginners)

It’s actually very simple. Every level you’ll gain 5 points. Press S to see it. For to-be-hunters you want your STR to be 5 points higher than the level. For to-be-crossbowmen, you want to keep you STR and your level even. If you are LV 10 your STR must be 15 for those how are going to be hunter. If you are LV 10 your STR must be 10 for those who are going to be Crossbow man. The remaining points go into DEX.


Every level you get 1 skill point until level 8(For beginners), these can be used on Three Snails, Recovery, and Nimble Feet. You should max Three Snails and Recovery. Nimble Feet is not a good skill.

Going to Victoria Island

Once you are LV 9 and 70% to 75% go to South Perry and talk to Shanks. He will teleport you to Victoria Island for 150 mesos. (It’s not very much)


At Lith Harbour

All right, you are now in Victoria Island! Now locate Olaf and talk to him. He will give you a quest: A lesson on job advancement. First you have to answer some VERY easy questions. Then talk to him again, and he’ll tell you to visit Athena Pierce. Then talk to Phil and he will teleport you to Henesys for 80 mesos I believe.



Now that you’re in Henesys go to Mushroom Park and keep walking right until you see a tall tree. And enter it.


1st Job Advancement

Go inside that and you’ll see Athena Pierce. Talk to her and click on Quest in progress: A lesson on job advancement. You should be LV 10 now. Talk to her again and she will instruct you to be a Bowman.


A Bowman now!

Congratulations you’re now a bowman!


Here are some skills you'll have:

The Blessing Of Amazon.gif The Blessing of Amazon: Increases accuracy

Critical Shot.gif Critical Shot: Allows you to perform a critical attack with a certain success rate.

The Eye Of Amazon.gif The Eye of Amazon: Increases the range of attack for both bows and crossbows

Focus.gif Focus: Focussing to temporarily increase accuracy and avoidability.

Arrow Blow.gif Arrow Blow: Fires an arrow with authority. Applies more damage than usual.

Double Shot.gif Double Shot: Fires two arrows at once to attack an enemy twice.

Skill Distrubution Chart

To spend these precious skill points. Here is the best way to spend them. You don’t have to follow them but if you do, you’ll become a lot stronger. It would be great to put your first SP on The Blessing of Amazon.

After Job Advance: Amazons Bless +1

Level 10: Amazons Bless +2, Eye of the Amazon +1

Level 11: Eye of the Amazon +3

Level 12: Eye of the Amazon +3

Level 13: Eye of the Amazon +1, Critical Strike +2

Level 14: Critical Strike +3

Level 15: Critical Strike +3

Level 16: Critical Strike +3

Level 17: Critical Strike +3

Level 18: Critical Strike +3

Level 19: Critical Strike +3

Level 20: Arrow Blow +1, Double Shot +2

Level 21: Double Shot +3

Level 22: Double Shot +3

Level 23: Double Shot +2

  • Level 24-26: Save SP*

Level 27: Double Shot +10

Level 28: +3 Amazons Bless

Level 29: +3 Amazons Bless

Level 30: +3 Amazons Bless

Places to Train

Level 1 – 10: Maple Island: Snails, Blue Snails, Red Snails and Shrooms

Snail.gif Bluesnail.gif Redsnail.gif Shroom.gif

Level 10 – 15: Henesys Hunting Ground, West of Ellinia: Slimes, Stumps and Orange Mushrooms

Slime.gif Stump.gif Orange Mushroom.gif

Level 15 – 20: East or West of Henesys: Pigs and Orange Mushrooms

Pig.gif Orange Mushroom.gif

Level 20 – 25: East or West of Henesys, Pig Beach, Ant tunnel, Hidden Streets, Area 1 - Kerning Subway: Pigs, Ribbon Pigs, Horny Mushrooms, Zombie Mushrooms, Blue Mushrooms, and Bubbling

Pig.gif 11.gif Horny Mushroom.gif Zombie Mushroom.gif Bluemushroom.gif Bubbling.gif

Level 25 – 30: Anything that’s gives lots of EXP points, and the Kerning PQ can be a good source of EXP, and the reward(s) can be very nice.

Sorry about some of the pictures.

2nd Job Advancement

Congratulations! Your are now able to make the 2nd Job Advancement1 Now the hard part is that you have to choose either Hunter or Crossbow man.

Hunter VS Crossbow Man



1. Looks better

2. Faster shots

3. Arrow Bomb can stun

4. Ranger has Fire attack, so most of Elnath is easy training


1. Costs more

2. Have 5 less DEX than Crossbow Man even if it’s at the same level

3. Weaker attacks

4. More popular, hense scrolls and equips will cost more

Crossbow Man-


1. Higher damage

2. Less expensive

3. Have 5 more DEX than Hunters even if it’s at the same level

4. Sniper has Freezing attack, so it becomes much easier to take control of mobs


1. Crossbows cover up to much

2. Iron Arrow doesn’t stun

3. Slower shots

4. Not a very popular class, so it might take a little longer to get into some PQ's


Dear Reader, I hope you enjoyed my guide. THANKS FOR READING!

If there is mistakes do not change them for me. Thanks!