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A very large magic monster. Attacks with an ice attack when facing left. Attacks with curses (stat droppers) when facing right. Be careful, for this is not a monster for low levels.

This monster is found deep in Ludibrium. It is not a boss, so it spawns regularly like normal monsters. Before it spawns,there will be a little blue flash around roughly the stomach area.


  • Level: 108
  • HP: 70,000
  • MP: 300
  • Experience: 4,100
  • Knock Back: 5,500
  • Speed: -50


  • Weapon Attack: 510
  • Magic Attack: 620
  • Accuracy: 210


  • Weapon Defense: 850
  • Magic Defense: 680
  • Avoidability: 38

Common Locations


Common Warrior Magician Thief Bowman Pirate Use Etc. Mesos
Rose Earrings
Green Giles Cape
Dark Commodore (M)
Dark Commodore Pants (M)
Gold Ancient Shield
Bronze Kalkan
Silver Kalkan
Dark Battle Road (M)
Blue Rivers Boots
Green Enigmatic (M)
Purple Enigma Shoes
Green Enigma Shoes
Brown Nightfox
Dark Pirate Blouse (F)
Dark Pirate Skirt (F)
Green Katina Boots
Dark Raven
Green Arlic Helmet
Dark Pria (F)
Marine Arund
Red Arnah Shoes
Mana Elixir
Speed Potion
Power Elixir
The Summoning Rock
10% Scroll for Shoes for DEX
10% Scroll for Gloves for DEX
Tanatos' Strap
Orihalcon Ore
Silver Ore
Black Crystal Ore
Dark Crystal Ore
Magic Powder (Green)
Thanatos Card