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Template Explanation

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"In-game description (what you see when you mouse over the item in a shop or the character inventory)"


  • List effects of items on character (ex.: Weapon Attack +20 for 5 minutes, Recovers +100 MP)


Note: add only those applicable to this item'

  • Purchased from:
    • [[Merchant 1]] in [[Location 1]] and [[Merchant 2]] in [[Location 2]] for some number of mesos
    • [[Merchant 3]] in [[Location 3]] for a different number of mesos.
  • Obtained from completing the following quests:
    • [[Quest Name]] (xquantity)
  • Dropped by:
    • [[Monster Name]]


Add only those applicable to this item'

  • Required for the following quests:
    • [[Quest Name]] (xquantity) (ex.: x1,x10,x100)

NPC Value

This is the value the item has when sold back to an NPC, not the value for which it is purchased.

Type of Item

  • Useable , Etc., or Set-Up

Related Items

Only add this section if it is applicable to the item. For an example of this section, see Dark Jr. Yeti's Skin#Related Items.

  • [[Item Name]]

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