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Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites Required Level
Heavy Sword Mastery.png Heavy Sword Mastery Increases the Mastery, Attack Power, and Attack Speed of Heavy Sword type weapons. When attacking with a Heavy Sword type weapon, damage increase as the number of enemies hit decreases. Passive 10 x - 100
Solid Body.png Solid Body Strengthens Beta's Body, improving Weapon Defense, Magic Defense, Abnormal Status Resistance, all Elemental Resistance, and Stance Rate. Passive 20 x - 110
Armor Split.png Armor Split Strengthens the Heavy Sword. Grants a chance to split enemy armor and decrease enemy defense rate when attacking. Passive 20 x - 130
Immune Barrier.png Immune Barrier For every stack, gain 1% damage. Passive 20 x - 165
Critical Bind.png Critical Bind Grants a chance to bind enemies in place when Beta attacks. Affected enemies will bleed and be more vulnerable to Alpha’s attacks. Passive 20 x - 185
Rising Slash.png Rising Slash Launches enemies in front of you into the air. Active 10 x - 100
Air Raid.png Air Raid Attacks enemies in front of you, stomping on them in midair. Active 10 x Level 1 Rising Slash 100
Air Riot.png Air Riot A more powerful Air Raid, increasing its damage and giving it a wide shockwave. Active 20 x Level 10 Air Raid 150
Throwing Weapon.png Throwing Weapon Throws your Great Sword with all of your might, cleaving through all enemies in its path. Active 10 x Level 1 Flash Cut 110
Advanced Throwing Weapon.png Advanced Throwing Weapon An even more powerful Throwing Weapon attack. Increases damage and adds a knockback effect. Active 20 x Level 10 Throwing Weapon 155
Flash Cut.png Flash Cut Forcefully swing your long sword to attack multiple enemies in front of you. Active 10 x - 105
Spin Driver.png Spin Driver Uses your Great Sword’s weight to revolve in place, creating a whirlwhind that pulls enemies in. Active 20 x - 115
Wheel Wind.png Wheel Wind Spin like a whirlwind for a short time and attack enemies nearby. Use the Left and Right arrow keys while spinning to move. Active 20 x Level 1 Spin Driver 125
Advanced Wheel Wind.png Advanced Wheel Wind An even more powerful Blade Tempest, increasing its damage and enabling it to draw in monsters. Active 30 x Level 20 Wheel Wind 165
Falling Star.png Falling Star Jumps into the air, driving your sword into the ground in one decisive blow. Creates a shockwave on impact that does damage. Active 10 x Level 1 Giga Crash 140
Earth Break.png Earth Break Jumps high into the air, bringing down the Great Sword hard enough to split the ground beneath you. Creates a shockwave on impact that does damage. Active 20 x Level 1 Falling Star 145
Advanced Earth Break.png Advanced Earth Break An even more powerful Groundbreaker. Increases damage and grants a chance for instant KOs. Also creates an Shock Field on the ground, continually inflicting damage on enemies nearby. Active 30 x Level 20 Earth Break 170
Giga Crash.png Giga Crash Hammer the ground with your sword to attack front enemies. Active 10 x - 135