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<tr><td style="padding:0px; background:white; border-top:1px solid #999999;"><small class="plainlinks">[{{fullurl:Template:warrior two handed axes|action=edit}} [edit&#93;]</small></td>
<tr><td style="padding:0px; background:white; border-top:1px solid #999999;"><small class="plainlinks">[{{fullurl:Template:Warrior Two-Handed Axes|action=edit}} [edit&#93;]</small></td>

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Warrior Two Handed Axes
Levels 1-30
Metal Axe - Iron Axe - Two-Handed Axe - Astaroth Axe - Blue Axe
Levels 31-70
Niam - King Pepe Niam - Sabretooth - Maple Dragon Axe - 1st Unwelcome Guest Two-Handed Axe - The Rising - The Shining - Maple Demon Axe - 2nd Unwelcome Guest Two-Handed Axe - Chrono - Crescent Moon - Xerxes's Chrono
Levels 71-120
Maple Pyrope Battle Axe - Helios - Balrog's Helios - 3rd Unwelcome Guest Two-Handed Axe - Colonian Axe - Redner - Balrog's Colonian Axe - Tavar - Last Unwelcome Guest Two-Handed Axe - Dragon Battle Axe - Reverse Tabarzin - Timeless Tabarzin
Levels 120+
VIP Two-Handed Axe - Agares Bloody Giant Axe


Insert this template to all warrior weapon pages by copying the following code:

 {{Warrior Two Handed Axes}}

and paste it onto below an appropriate page.