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Thief Overalls
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Levels 0-30
Cotton Uniform - Explorer's Knuckle Vest Suit - Explorer's Purple Avenger
Levels 31-70
Blue Avenger (F) - Dark Avenger (F) - Purple Avenger (F) - Red Avenger (F) - Bosshunter Gi - Mist Walker Plate Mail
Levels 71-120
Blue Katte (F) - Dark Katte (F) - Green Katte (F) - Red Katte (F) - Blue Katinas (M) - Dark Katinas (M) - Green Katinas (M) - Red Katinas (M) - Black Garina - Reverse Prinsid - Timeless Prinsid - Nox Von Leon Battle Suit
Levels 120+
Abyss Prinsid - Fearless Prinsid - Scar Von Leon Battle Suit - Halphas Bloody Mail - Raven Horn Chaser Armor
Thief Equipment Templates
Thief Hats - Thief Tops - Thief Bottoms - Thief Gloves - Thief Shoes - Thief Daggers - Thief Kataras - Thief Canes - Thief Claws


Insert this template to all Thief Overall pages by copying the following code:

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