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NOTE: This template is a stub. Please help MapleWiki by contributing to this article.


Stub /stuhb/ (noun) - "A stub is an article containing only a few sentences of text which is too short to provide encyclopedic coverage of a subject, but not so short as to provide no useful information, and it should be capable of expansion. Sizable articles are usually not considered stubs, even if they lack wikification or copy editing. With these articles, a cleanup template is usually added instead of a stub template. Note that if a small article has little properly sourced information, or if its subject has no inherent notability, it may be deleted or be merged into another relevant article." ~ Wikipedia

On any page that is a stub, place {{stub}} on that page, preferably on the top. If you want to add a reason, type {{stub|1}}, replacing "1" with your reason.