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Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Leopard's Paw.png Leopard's Paw Get a dose of Lai's muscles to knock back enemies in your path. Can combo with Leopard's Pounce and Leopard's Roar Active 20 x -
Leopard's Pounce.png Leopard's Pounce Dash forward and rip into enemies. Triggers after two hits of Leopard's Paw. Active 20 x Leopard's Paw Lv. 1
Leopard's Roar.png Leopards Roar Roar to inflict additional damage after Leopard's Pounce. Also enhances the Damage and Number of Enemies Hit with Leopard's Paw and Leopard's Pounce. Active 20 x Leopard's Pounce Lv. 1
Macho Dance.png Macho Dance Shoot up into the air, damaging nearby enemies. Can be chained into Macho Slam. Active 20 x -
Macho Slam.png Macho Slam Slam into enemies below you. Can be used during a jump or after Macho Dance. Active 20 x -
Macho Incarnate.png Macho Incarnate Lai shows his true from after Macho Slam, shocking and stunning all nearby enemies. Also increases the Max Enemies Hit with Macho Dance and Macho Slam. Active 20 x -
Rippling Feline Muscles.png Rippling Feline Muscles Increases Magic ATT, Intelligence, Speed, and Jump when in Snow Leopard Mode. Passive 15 x -
Leopard Reflexes.png Leopard Reflexes While in Snow Leopard Mode, get a boost to Attack Speed and Magic Attack. Passive 10 x -
Lethal Lai.png Lethal Lai Increases the attack count and damage of certain Snow Leopard Mode skills. Affected Skills: Leopard's Paw, Leopard's Pounce, Leopard's Roar, Macho Dance, Macho Slam, Thunder Dash Passive 15 x -
Leopard Hide.png Leopard Hide Chance to recover HP when attacking. Maximum 10% per attack. Passive 15 x -
Thunder Dash.png Thunder Dash Lai dashes at the enemy, dealing damage. Active 10 x -
Advanced Thunder Dash.png Advanced Thunder Dash Travel further during Thunder Dash to deal more damage. Passive 20 x -
Deadly Fangs.png Deadly Fangs Chance to instant kill. No effect on boss monsters. Passive 15 x -
Thunder Trail.png Thunder Trail Unleashes a ghostly Snow Leopard mirror image during Thunder Dash, damaging nearby enemies. ? 15 x -
Three-Point Pounce.png Three-Point Pounce Lai makes a three-point attack, slashing at nearby enemies with his claws. Active 20 x -
Bro Attack.png Bro Attack Gain a chance to summon a baby snow leopard to deal extra damage when you attack. Bosses and some monsters are immune. ? 15 x -
Party Time.png Party Time Lai charges wildly across the entire map, dealing damage. Active 10 x Leopard Reflexes Lv. 1