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Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Hookshot2.png Hookshot Fires a hook at the furthest enemy within range, dealing damage and pulling yourself along. While moving, you won't collide with monsters. Also increases your HP. Supportive 10 x -
Mortal Blow.gif Mortal Blow Has a chance to finish off an enemy with a single blow, and recover HP & MP. Passive 10 x -
Marksmanship.png Marksmanship Ignore a portion of the enemy's Defense. Permanently increases your Accuracy and total Damage. Passive 20 x -
FreezerThumb.gif Freezer Temporarily summons Freezer to deal Ice damage to up to 4 enemies. In addition, permanently increases Weapon/Magic Defense. Active 10 Ice -
Evasion Boost.png Evasion Boost Grants you a chance to dodge enemy attacks. When you succeed, attacks made by you in the following 1 second will result in Critical Hits. Supportive 20 x -
Aggressive Resistance.png Aggressive Resistance When attacking, create a barrier for a short time that absorbs a percentage of incoming damage. Every attack creates a new barrier. Passive 10 x -
Explosive Bolt.png Explosive Bolt Fires an arrow that sends multiple bolts in all directions on impact. The enemy struck by the initial arrow takes additional damage. Active 20 x -
Reckless Hunt- Crossbow.png Reckless Hunt: Crossbow Reduces Weapon/Magic Avoidability and increases Critical Rate and Critical Damage. Can be toggled On/Off. Supportive 10 x -
DragonsBreathThumb.gif Dragon's Breath Draws upon the spirit of the dragon to fire an arrow of tremendous force that pushes enemies away. Its effect increases with each enemy it pierces. Active 10 x -
Pain Killer.png Pain Killer Consumes a prepared Herb to remove Abnormal Status immediately. Additionally, increases all Elemental Resistances and Abnormal Status Resistances permanently. Supportive 20 x -