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Pirate Hats
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Levels 10-30
Brown Rocky Bandana - Brown Lagger Cap - Crocell Hat - Brown Double Marine - Brown Pitz Bandana - White Oceania Cap
Levels 31-70
Blue Den Marine - King Pepe Blue Denemarine - Red Misty - Brown Leather Ocean Hat - Purple Cast Linen - Black Pirate's Bandana - Fortune Walker Hairband
Levels 71-120
Blue Sun Boat Hat - Red Brave Hamal - Black Polax Hat - Canopus Hat - Reverse Conrad Henkel - Timeless Conrad Henkel - Cora Von Leon Helmet
Levels 120+
Abyss Conrad Henkel - Fearless Conrad Henkel - Mer Von Leon Helmet - Vepar Bloody Gear - Shark Tooth Skipper Hat
Pirate Equipment Templates
Pirate Overalls - Pirate Gloves - Pirate Shoes - Pirate Weapons


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