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File:Black Hair color.png

Black (F/M)

File:Brown Hair color.png

Brown (F/M)

File:Blonde Hair color.png

Blonde (F/M)

File:Orange Hair color.png

Orange (F/M)

File:Red Hair color.png

Red (F/M)

File:Blue Hair color.png

Blue (F/M)

File:Green Hair color.png

Green (F/M)

File:Purple Hair color.png

Purple (F/M)

Use this template to insert hair colors on the individual hair style pages (the table shown above). This text will not appear on the pages. The template will not work on all hair style pages, but most. If you make any changes to this template, please make sure the exceptions listed below gets changed the same way.

Put {{hair color}} where you want the table to show up.
If the article name contains more information than just the name of the hair style, use {{hair color|name}} instead. For example, the article Acorn (Hair Style) should use {{hair color|Acorn}}
Exception Type 1
The hair styles listed below cannot use the template due to their article names.
  1. Acorn (Hair Style)
  2. Ellie (Hair Style)
  3. Mini (Hair Style)
  4. Miru (Hair Style)
  5. Monkey (Hair Style)