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Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Sword Mastery.gif Weapon Mastery Increases the weapon mastery and accuracy of swords and axes. Passive 10 x -
Final Attack.gif Final Attack Grants a chance to deal additional damage after an attack. Must have a sword or an axe equipped. Passive 20 x Level 3 Weapon Mastery
Sword Booster.gif Weapon Booster Doubles the attack speed of your weapon. Must have a sword or an axe equipped. Active 10 x Level 5 Weapon Mastery
Rage2.png Rage Improves the Weapon ATT of allies for a short time, and reflects a multiple of the damage that you received. Can be stacked with other buffs. Supportive 20 x -
Brandish.png Brandish Perform a double attack on enemies in front of you. Active 20 x -
Combo Fury.png Combo Fury Uses combo power to draw in enemies and has a chance to stun them. If any enemies are stunned, the consumed combo count will be returned. There is only a chance to return the count against bosses. Active 10 x -
Combo Attack.png Combo Attack When activated, there is a chance to add each attack to the Combo Count, up to 5. Supportive 1 x -
Physical Training.png Physical Training Improves STR and DEX permanently through physical training. Passive 5 x -