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<th style="color:black; padding:0 4px 0 4px; border-bottom:1px solid #32CD32; background:#008000; font-size:larger;">'''Bowman Dual Bowguns'''</th>
<th style="color:black; padding:0 4px 0 4px; border-bottom:1px solid #32CD32; background:#ADFF2F; font-size:larger;">'''Bowman Dual Bowguns'''</th>

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Bowman Dual Bowguns
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Levels 1-30
Trusty & Faithful - Blinding Light - Elven Diplomacy - Songs of Nature - Twin Angels
Levels 31-70
Chaos Twin Angels - Proud Blossoms - King Pepe Proud Blossoms - The Argents - Judge & Jury - Lunar Glory - Chaos Lunar Glory - Twin Zephyrs - Xerxes Twin Zephyrs
Levels 71-120
Sylvan Hunters - Balrog Sylvan Hunters - Royal Decrees - Balrog Royal Decrees - Chaos Royal Decrees - Final Retorts - Celestials - Dragonic Celestials - Dragon Majesty - Reverse Blooms - Timeless Blooms - Fox Von Leon Dual Bowguns
Levels 120+
Abyss Blooms - Fearless Blooms - Celine Von Leon Dual Bowguns - Ipos Bloody Dual Bowguns - Falcon Wing Dual Bowguns


Insert this template to all warrior weapon pages by copying the following code:

 {{Bowman Dual Bowguns}}

and paste it onto below an appropriate page.