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Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Maple Warrior.gif Maple Warrior Increases all players' stats within a team by a certain percentage. Supportive 30 x -
SharpEyesThumb.gif Sharp Eyes Temporarily grants party members the ability to locate an enemy's weak spot to deal fatal damage to that enemy. Supportive 30 x -
Illusion Step.png Illusion Step Greatly enhances DEX and Avoidability for a short time. Also permanently reduces damage taken. Supportive 30 x -
Enchanted Quiver.png Enchanted Quiver Allows you to shoot without consuming your current quiver's arrows for a short time. The quiver cannot be changed. In addition, permanently increases each quiver's quantity and effect. Supportive 10 x -
Arrow Blaster.png Arrow Blaster Shoots an arrow at a high angle. If you press and hold the skill key, it will fire continuously. While firing, use the Up and Down arrow keys to control the force of the shot. While the skill is casting, press Space Bar to set up Arrow Blaster at your location to fire arrows automatically. Also boosts the power of Hurricane. Active 30 x -
BowExpertThumb.gif Bow Expert Increases Bow Mastery, Weapon Attack, and Minimum Critical Damage. Passive 30 x Level 10 Bow Mastery
Arrow Stream.png Arrow Stream Shoots a wild flurry of arrows straight ahead. Active 30 x -
Binding Shot.png Binding Shot Wound enemies to reduce their HP Recovery and Movement Speed. Active 10 x -
Advanced Final Attack.png Advanced Final Attack Permanently increases ATT and Accuracy, and greatly increases damage and activation rate of Final Attack. Passive 30 x Level 20 Final Attack
Armor Break.png Armor Break Grants a chance while attacking to ignore enemy defenses by a small amount, and deals extra damage in proportion to enemy defense rate. Every time the effect does not trigger, the chance to trigger increases. Passive 20 x -
Hero's Will.png Hero's Will By focusing your mind, you can ignore some abnormal status effects. However, this will not work on all abnormal status effects. Supportive 5 x -