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Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Blessing of the Sprite.png Blessing of the Fairy Skill Point will increase by 1 when the related character reaches above Lv.10. Supportive 20 x -
Empress's Blessing.png Empress's Blessing Grants 1 skill level for every 5 levels your highest level Cygnus character has. Between Blessing of the Fairy and Empress's Blessing, the higher increase is applied. Supportive 30 x -
Echo of Hero.png Echo of Hero Increase weapon attack and magic attack on all players around. Supportive 1 x Must be level 200.
Elemental Blessing.png Elemental Blessing Kanna is blessed by the 5 elements, granting supernatural insight. Passive 1 x -
Mana Font.png Mana Font Kanna's connection to the spiritual realm is extremely strong, lending her the ability to recover her Mana without aid of potions. Passive 1 x -
Elementalism.png Elementalism Deepens your connection to the elements to provide a permanent damage increase. Passive 2 x -
Haku.png Haku Haku, the loveable spirit fox, will follow you to the ends of the universe. The only thing Haku loves more than Kanna is Star Candy, and just by a tiny bit. Passive 1 x -
Nine-Tailed Fury.png Nine-Tailed Fury Haku unleashes a barrage of attacks that hits all nearby enemies. Active 1 x -