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Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Paw Swipe.png Paw Swipe Attacks several enemies 3 times. Active 20 x Bear Mode Lv. 1
Majestic Trumpet.png Majestic Trumpet Fort uses the power of nature to ignite a fire. Enemies caught in the blaze take damage. Active 20 x Paw Swipe Lv. 1
Well Fed.png Well Fed Increases Max HP and INT while in Bear Mode. Passive 10 x Majestic Trumpet Lv. 1
Dumb Luck.png Dumb Luck Improves stance chance and DEF while in Bear Mode. Passive 10 x Well Fed Lv. 1
Bear Strength.png Bear Strength Permanently increases Critical Rate, Minimum Damage, Maximum Damage, and Magic ATT while in Bear Mode. Passive 15 x Furious Strikes Lv. 1
Deep Breath.png Deep Breath Fort sucks in air to pull enemies close. Active 10 x Dumb Luck Lv. 1
Really Deep Breath.png Really Deep Breath The bear suck in air to pull enemies close from the left and right. Active 20 x Bear Strength Lv. 1
Fort Follow-Up.png Fort Follow-Up Li'l Fort appears after every 4th attack to deal an additional attack. Passive 20 x Deep Breath Lv. 1
Defense Ignorance.png Defense Ignorance Ignores a portion of enemy defense and increases Attack speed while in Bear Mode. Passive 15 x Fort Follow-Up Lv. 1
Furious Strikes.png Furious Strikes Using Paw Swipe 4 times in a row will activate a special skill, allowing multiple follow-up hits. Active 25 x Defense Ignorance Lv. 1
Li'l Fort.png Li'l Fort Summons a toy bear to just go nuts on the enemy. Active 15 x Really Deep Breath Lv. 1
Fort the Brave.png Fort the Brave Permanently increases Magic ATT while in Bear Mode. Passive 20 x Li'l Fort Lv. 1
Bear Assault.png Bear Assault Focuses your attacks. You'll hit fewer enemies but deal more damage. Also increases Max HP and MP and ignores some monster defense. Active 20 x Fort the Brave Lv. 1
Fishy Slap.png Fishy Slap Hold down the skill key to smack enemies with a fish. Active 25 x Bear Assault Lv. 1
Bear Reborn.png Bear Reborn Allows you to resurrect while in Bear Mode. You gain invincibility as your HP recover. Passive 10 x Fishy Slap Lv. 1
Billowing Trumpet.png Billowing Trumpet Enhances the spark in Majestic Trumpet to form a hellish inferno. Active 15 x Bear Reborn Lv. 1
Table Flip.png Table Flip The bear goes into a rage and flips a table at the enemy. Active 10 x Bear Reborn Lv. 1