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Angelic Buster Soul Shooters
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Levels 1-30
Purple Haze - Pink Haze
Levels 31-70
Chaos Pink Haze - King Pepe Pink Haze - Purple Hatchling - Jade Hatchling - Chaos Jade Hatchling - Pink Wormhead - Xerxes's Pink Wormhead
Levels 71-120
Jade Worm - Tempest Soul Shooter - Balrog's Red Wormhead - Red Wormhead - Balrog's Jade Wormhead - Jade Wormhead - Chaos Jade Wormhead - Green Dragon Soul - Dragonic Jade Worm - Iron Dragon - Angelic Buster Bloody Boom - Cora Von Leon White Worm - Mer Von Leon White Worm - Necro Purple Dragon - Reverse Purple Dragon - Timeless Purple Dragon
Levels 121+
Abyss Purple Dragon - Fearless Purple Dragon - Grand Vepar Bloody Moon - Imperial Moon - Vepar Bloody Moon - Loveless Purple Dragon - Shark Tooth Soul Drinker


Insert this template to all warrior weapon pages by copying the following code:

 {{Angelic Buster Soul Shooters}}

and paste it onto below an appropriate page.