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Passive Stat Boost

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Required Level
Hyper Strength.png Hyper Strength Permanently increases STR. Passive 1 140
Hyper Dexterity.png Hyper Dexterity Permanently increases DEX. Passive 1 140
Hyper Intelligence.png Hyper Intelligence Permanently increases INT. Passive 1 140
Hyper Luck.png Hyper Luck Permanently increases LUK. Passive 1 140
Hyper Critical.png Hyper Critical Permanently increases Critical Rate. Passive 1 198
Hyper Accuracy.png Hyper Accuracy Permanently increases Accuracy. Passive 1 158
Hyper Health.png Hyper Health Permanently increases Max HP. Passive 1 192
Hyper Mana.png Hyper Mana Permanently increases Max MP. Passive 1 186
Hyper Fury.png Hyper Fury Permanently increases Max DF. Passive 1 180
Hyper Weapon Defense.png Hyper Weapon Defense Permanently increases Weapon DEF. Passive 1 165
Hyper Magic Defense.png Hyper Magic Defense Permanently increases Magic DEF. Passive 1 174
Hyper Speed.png Hyper Speed Permanently increases Movement Speed. Passive 1 152
Hyper Jump.png Hyper Jump Permanently increases Jump. Passive 1 146

Passive Skill Boost

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Required Level and Skill
Soul Seeker - Reinforce.png Soul Seeker - Reinforce Increases Soul Seeker's damage. Passive 1 183
Soul Seeker - Make Up.png Soul Seeker - Make Up Increases Soul Seeker's recreation chance. Passive 1 143
Soul Seeker - Recharge Up.png Soul Seeker - Recharge Up Increases Soul Seeker's recharge chance. Passive 1 162
Finale Ribbon - Reinforce.png Finale Ribbon - Reinforce Increases Finale Ribbon's damage. Passive 1 168
Finale Ribbon - Overwhelm.png Finale Ribbon - Overwhelm Increases Finale Ribbon's damage max value debuff amount. Passive 1 189
Finale Ribbon - Cooldown Cutter.png Finale Ribbon - Cooldown Cutter Reduces Finale Ribbon cooldown. Passive 1 149
Soul Resonance - Reinforce.png Soul Resonance - Reinforce Increases Soul Resonance's damage. Passive 1 195
Soul Resonance - Cooldown Cutter.png Soul Resonance - Cooldown Cutter Reduces Soul Resonance cooldown. Passive 1 177
Soul Resonance - Persist.png Soul Resonance - Persist Increases Soul Resonance's duration. Passive 1 155

Active Attack/Buff

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Required Level and Skill
Pretty Exaltation.png Pretty Exaltation Resonates with Eskalade's soul to magnify power. Supportive 1 150
Supreme Supernova.png Supreme Supernova Borrows Eskalade's power to summon the colossal power of the cosmos. Active 1 170
Final Contract.png Final Contract Allows you to control the power of Eskalade's contract to its fullest. Supportive 1 200