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Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Crossbow Expert.png Crossbow Expert Increases Crossbow Mastery, Weapon Attack, and Minimum Critical Damage. Passive 30 x Level 10 Crossbow Mastery
Advanced Final Attack.png Advanced Final Attack Permanently increases ATT and Accuracy. Greatly increases the damage and activation rate of your Final Attack. Passive 30 x Level 20 Final Attack
Exploding Arrows.png Exploding Arrows Summons a giant, jagged wheel that attacks multiple enemies. Has a chance to stun. Active 30 x -
Hero's Will.png Hero's Will By focusing your mind, you can ignore some abnormal status effects. However, this will not work on all abnormal status effects. Supportive 5 x -
Maple Warrior.png Maple Warrior Increases all players' stats within a team by a certain percentage. Supportive 30 x -
Sharp Eyes.gif Sharp Eyes Temporarily grants party members the ability to locate an enemy's weak spot to deal fatal damage to that enemy. Supportive 30 x -
Sonic Roar.gif Sonic Roar The Jaguar roars sharply. The roar creates a shock wave that damages and stuns multiple enemies. Active 30 x -
Stink Bomb Shot.png Stink Bomb Shot Launches an arrow with a gaseous bomb attached to it. Monsters hit by it are pissed off and you earn more EXP from defeating them. Supportive 10 x -
Wild Arrow Blast.png Wild Arrow Blast Launches arrows at a tremendous speed, like a catastrophic rainstorm. Pressing the skill key will fire arrows continuously. Active 30 x -
Wild Instinct.png Wild Instinct You ignore a portion of an enemy's defense when attacking. Also, you have a chance to dodge enemy attacks. Passive 10 x -