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Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Lifeblood Ritual.png Lifeblood Ritual After slaying an enemy with your magic, you recover some HP. Passive 5 x -
Spirit Path.png Spirit Path Permanently increases Magic Attack and Critical Rate. Passive 10 x -
Kishin Shoukan.png Kishin Shoukan Summons the demons Hana and Yuki, who attack any enemies trapped between them. The demons strengthen the dark energy on the map and decreases monster respawn time. Active 20 x -
Soul Shear.png Soul Shear Shear a piece of your target's soul off with each attack. Use the skill to detonate any fallen soul fragments. Can be stacked up to 10 times on normal monsters and 15 times on boss monsters. Active 15 x -
Spirit Corral.png Spirit Corral Borrows the power of the fox spirit to gather enemies in one spot. Active 20 x -
Tengu Strike.png Tengu Strike Summons Tengu to attack enemies on either side of you. Active 20 x -
Demon's Fury.png Demon's Fury Allow the spirits of the land to fill you, unleashing their fury on nearby enemies. While possessed, only basic attacks can be used. Active 15 x -
Frozen Shikigami Haunting.png Frozen Shikigami Haunting Channels Take-minakata, god of water, to imbue freezing energy into Shikigami Haunting. Active 15 Ice Level 15 Burning Shikigami Haunting
Blossom Barrier.png Blossom Barrier Summons a powerful cherry blossom barrier to protect you and your party members. Supportive 10 x -