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Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Demon Lash Arch.png Demon Lash Arch Uses teeth-gritting anger to grant an additional increase to damage done by Demon Lash. Active 1 x Level 1 Barbed Lash
Judgment.png Judgment Judge your enemies...harshly. This attack hits multiple nearby enemies, dealing critical damage with a chance for additional critical hits. Active 20 x x
Vortex of Doom.png Vortex of Doom Creates a vortex of dark energy inside you that draws nearby enemies into your attack and stuns them. Active 20 x x
Raven Storm.png Raven Storm Summons a flock of really angry ravens that peck the faces off of any enemies in front of you. The ravens then return the enemies' HP to you as thanks for letting them take out their aggression. Active 10 x x
Carrion Breath.png Carrion Breath Summons the power of the Poison Demon's horrible breath to attack multiple enemies at once. Targets receive continual damage over a short amount of time and are unable to eat lunch for a week afterwards. Active 20 Poison x
Black-Hearted Strength.png Black-Hearted Strength Your cold, uncaring heart steels you against attacks, providing a temporary increases to DEF, Abnormal Status Resistance, and all Elemental Resistance. Supportive 10 x x
Max Fury.png Max Fury Allows you to receive additional Fury when using Demon Slash, and recovers a fixed amount of Fury every 4 seconds. Passive 5 x x
Possessed Aegis.png Possessed Aegis Grants the Demon Aegis a chance to guard against enemy attacks. When guarding is successful, a small amount of Fury and HP are recovered. Passive 10 x x
Focused Fury.png Focused Fury Focuses powers to permanently increase damage and improve attack speed by 1 level. Passive 20 x x
Insult to Injury.png Insult to Injury Increases damage and critical rate when attacking enemies in abnormal status. Passive 10 x x