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Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Prerequisites
Combo Critical.png Combo Critical Increases your Critical Hit Rate and Critical Maximum Damage. Each time yout Combo Count increases by 10, your Critical Hit Rate will also increase. Passive 10 Lv. 10 Combo Ability
Final Toss.png Final Toss Lifts multiples enemies in front of you into the air. Airborne enemies take more damage. Active 30 Lv. 20 Triple Swing
Combo Recharge.png Combo Recharge Consumes HP and MP to instantly boost Combo Count. Cannot be used when HP is below 50%. Active 10 -
Rolling Spin.png Rolling Spin Jump in place and attack surrounding enemies. Has a chance to stun targets. Active 20 -
Full Swing.png Full Swing Increases the damage of Double Swing, Triple Swing, and Combo Smash. Active 10 Lv. 20 Triple Swing
Might.png Might Temporarily increases ATT and DEF and allows you to knock-back enemies even when only a small amount of damage is dealt. Supportive 20 -
Cleaving Blows.png Cleaving Blows Ignores a portion of a monster's defense and allows you to deal additional damage to boss monsters. Passive 10 -
Maha Blessing.png Maha Blessing Increases party members' Attack with the blessings of Maha, the spirit of the polearm. Supportive 10 -
Combo Judgment.png Combo Judgment Drops a giant axe of judgment on the enemies. Has a chance to freeze, and frozen enemies will receive damage over time. Active 20 Lv. 10 Combo Fenrir