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Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Barbed Lash.png Barbed Lash Makes your Demon Lash hurt more and look nastier, permanently increasing its damage. Active 1 x Level 1 Demon Lash
Weapon Mastery2.png Weapon Mastery Increases the Mastery and Accuracy of One Handed Blunt and Axe type weapons. Passive 10 x x
Soul Eater.png Soul Eater Snares and pulls multiple enemies towards you, where they suffer the full force of your might. Active 20 x x
Dark Thrust.png Dark Thrust Charge forward with terrifying rage, dragging multiple unfortunate enemies with you. Active 20 x x
Chaos Lock.png Chaos Lock Targets and attacks the enemy closest to you. Has a chance to stun the enemy. Allows you to teleport using the directional keys. Active 10 x x
Vengeance.png Vengeance Returns damage taken from enemies to the dealer, along with a chance to stun them. Cannot return more than half of an enemy's HP at once. Active 10 x x
Outrage.png Outrage Permanently increases ATT and Critical Rate. Passive 20 x x
Physical Training.png Physical Training Permanently increases STR and DEX. Passive 5 x x