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Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Demon Lash.png Demon Lash Mash the attack key to whip enemies in front of you 4 times with dark power. Hits return some Fury to you. Active 10 x x
Shadow Swiftness.png Shadow Swiftness Permanently increases Accuracy, Speed, and Jump. Passive 10 x Level 1 Demon Lash
Grim Scythe.png Grim Scythe Summons a demonic scythe that tears through multiple enemies in front of you. Active 10 x Level 1 Demon Lash
HP Boost.png HP Boost Permanently increases Max HP. Passive 10 x Level 1 Demon Lash
Battle Pact.png Battle Pact Infuses your weapon with your own life force to increase One Handed Blunt Weapons or Axes by 2 levels for a short time. Supportive 10 x Level 3 Demon Lash