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Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Demonic Veracity.png Demonic Verocity Permanently increases movement speed, max movement speed, Jump, and Critical Rate. Passive 15 x x
Exceed Double Slash.png Exceed Double Slash Slashes enemies in front two times. Exceed: Gradually increases attack speed and decreases HP. Range increased during final stage. Active 20 x x
Life Sap.png Life Sap Saps away your enemies life to restore your own. Passive 10 x x
Overload Release.png Overload Release Cancels Exceed's Overload debuf, increases max HP, and restores HP. Can only be used when Overload is maxed out. Supportive 20 x x
Unbreakable Steel.png Unbreakable Steel Greatly increases Weapon Defense and Magic Defense through indomitable will. Passive 10 x x