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Tempest (KR: 템페스트) is a six-part update following Justice. This update contains Luminous, Kaiser, Angelic Burster, a new world, new enemies, adjusted job advancements, and hyper skills.Unlimited succeed this patch.

Part 1 : Prelude to the Storm
This patch adjusts the required level to job advance. Third Job Advancement now requires Maplers to be at level 60 instead of 70, and Fourth Job Advancement is now required to be level 100 instead of 120. The amount of SP is also changed, to 5 per level for Aran and explorers, 4 SP per level for every other class.

Part 2 : Choice of Light and Darkness
This patch introduces Luminous, the last hero who fought the Black Mage.

Part 3 : Protector of the Dragons, Kaiser
This patch introduces the Nova class Kaiser, along with Kaiser's hometown, Pantheon, Grandish.

Part 4 : Idol of the Battlefield, Angelic Burster
This patch will introduce Angelic Burster, and the conquered Helisium.

Part 5 : Traitor Magnus
Superboss Magnus will be released with Tyrant's Stronghold.

Part 6 : Beginning of Evolution, Hyper Skills
This patch will introduce Hyper skills and bring back all the heroes to the character creation page.

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