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trainin places for the double dex build warrior:

1-10: maple island duh jsut train ne where lol

10-15 the forest east of heneseys ( aka the portal of which u must walk to ur left to get to lol ) i foound this place very good to trian at because if ur a warrior ur king or queen here no one can ks u basically unless there someone whos like lvl 17 or somethin then u can just change channels obvioulsy ask them to first

15-24 pigs ribbon pigs i suggest rain forest east of heneseys because theres alot less ppl there

24-30 bubbling the subway where u do shumis 1st request cause its small and theres no one there

30-34or35 ANT TUNNEL i totally recommend its a little crowded but its worth it

35-40 teddies and pink teddies they have low hp low weapon def and give u lots of exp don try pqin cause no one invites us lol unless u a spear so just try this first i found it to be awsome

40-43 curse eye forest up north this is an extremly good place to train because yet again no one comes here and its small and curse eyes hav low weapon def and hp and good exp so like a 1-2hit kill

43-50 blok golems like mad no ones here always a 3hit kill if u got rage if u don got maxed rage then i suggest u don't read this guide cause i happen to have maxed rage. there is no one here and its good exp so plz try this place its awsome

50 - 60 DMT aka drakes meat table small maybe theres some pplz but u can handle them most are vac hakers unfortunatley so yeah i think its an aswome place if u get bored around lvl 55 u can go to jr.yetis and it will be good exp.

this whole guide is for warriors that did this build

MASTERY LVL 19 THEN RAGE TO LVL 20 30 FA or maybe some booster in there it don matter AND POWER GAURD ALL OF THESE ARE MUSTSS FOR THE FIGHTERS so if ur a hybrid ( someone who is uppin both axe booster and mastery as well as sword booster and mastery ) this may not be the best guide for you so yeah ...

Why be a Fighter ??: Ppl say spearman are the best and that there the strongest fine maybe they're weapon att says that but its not true durin my whole trainin time the easiest type fo warrior to ks was the spearman class cause they have to poke ( if they are a spear ) or swing ( if they are a polearm ) not they're speed i didn't ks on purpose so if u spearman or polearm men find this offensive fell free to ask me to change this part. I also became a fighter cause of our speed advantage and the fact that we get the most hp ( fine we get the least mp but w.e jsut means we don have to use elixers as soon as page or spear) and because of our main skill RAGE !! i love this skill its the best one but mind u do not up it first stick to the mastery build at ne costs unless u really want to lvl faster. I like all types of warriors i acualy have an acc with all 3 types ( or at least i workin on it so far so good =) ) so plz don think i a person who hates ne other class rather then fighter cause its not true. I also chose the warrior class because i had already been all the mages yes i mean gotten them to there 2nd and job and gettin them to 40 i been a sin a bandit and a bman so i wanted to be the last class that i hadn't tried yet so yeah ty for readin this article

P.S to ne one who wnats info or personal questions or nos somethin i don plz fell free to email me at and plz don not hesitate ok ty bb.

DEX Guidelines.

Whoever said to keep your DEX always twice your level, is horribly misguided.


So please, tell us what it SHOULD be and why. I just started a warrior so I'd like to know these things. --Woofie8781 05:26, 3 January 2008 (CST)