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Well the best thing to get exp from level 10-20 IS HPQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you dont like that then follow these:

10-15 GET TO SLIME TREE/southern forest ITS GOOD EXP!!!!!!!!!!!

15-20 Pig Beach, mostly for nautilus quests.

16-20 Caution Falling Down!(constructiontion site at the top where there is green mushroom you press up on that object i forgot whats its called) YOU Level Up Soo Eazy!!! What sucks is you die eazily =( But still its soo eazy to level.

20-24 Souhtern Forest 4 That is an eazy place to level or you could do kerning city party quest

25-30 Kerning cCty party quest(you get good items and you if you sell the scrolls you get heaps of money)