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Good job!

Thanks, Champ for the update! --Rapta 18:36, 8 April 2006 (UTC)

Starting Early

Whoever is getting the needed pictures, we're gonna have to start without you if you don't hurry up with this important article. --- Champion911

  • If need be, I can take screenshots the next time I PQ if whoever is supposed to has bailed. (Since I am PQ quite a bit, especially for my level) --Dah-BAM! [Moofey] 09:33, 14 April 2006 (UTC)

Ludibrium Party Quest Levels?

I heard today in Kerning PQ that it's for levels 35-50. -- Rapta 22:38, 20 March 2006 (CST)

What you hear is correct. --Dah-BAM! [Moofey] 09:34, 14 April 2006 (UTC)

Resizing Picture

That picture of stage one is really nice, but is there any way to resize it so it's smaller and can fit on the side of the page? --Champion911 15:43, 20 April 2006 (CDT)

Thumbnailed, and done. --Rapta 15:54, 20 April 2006 (CDT)
  • Still seems a bit big to me, though it's okay if you're, say, not looking for one of every stage. BTW, I do in fact have a screenie for every stage. (I think that includes a bonus one.) Just give me the word and I'll add them if you guys want them. --Dah-BAM! [Moofey] 21:18, 21 April 2006 (CDT)
Well, a screenshot for the boss stage would be extremely helpful. --Champion911 08:31, 23 April 2006 (CDT)
  • Boss screenie uploaded and added.  :) --Dah-BAM! [Moofey] 20:57, 24 April 2006 (CDT)

Player's Notes

Does anyone else think that the player's notes scattered through the guide should be looked at and implemented as needed? I was going to do it myself but since this is kind of an "official" MapleWiki guide I opted against it. --Dah-BAM! [Moofey] 03:41, 24 September 2006 (CDT)


I don't really know how to do JMS in LPQ, but as it is quite helpful to be good at it, I thought I'd Maplewiki it and see what the method is. This page seemed pretty clear, but I think that it's not quite right. It says that it's the same as GMS except the boxes are ordered 1-7-2-5-8-3-4-6-9 instead of 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9, which doesn't seem to be quite right... When I see people using JMS, they don't look like they're going in that order. Is there something I'm not getting, or is the part about JMS not entirely correct?

EDIT: I think I found out the movement order. I'm pretty sure it's 1-3-6-7-4-8-2-5-9, but the page says 1-7-2-5-8-3-4-6-9. I'm not very experienced with JMS, so I'm not going to edit, I'm just putting forth the question and asking for confirmation one way or another. -Cofeetup