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Dexless is not a very low dex. Dexless is 4 Dex. SeasonalTNT

Also, Low Dex should be way lower. 50 (Max of 50, in my opinion or so. Plus, I don't even need that much money to do 19 dex. Until a level ~50 at least. All I need is just money to scroll for dex (100%'s) on Overalls, a red headband (or Green bamboo hat) and sniper pills.

Let's see. Say at level 30 -
Overall Dex Scrolls (100%) - 35,000 each. So 350,000 mesos. You should at least have that much by level 30...
Red Headband - 700 or so.
Sniper Pills - 500 each. 100 Sniper Pills = 50,000 mesos.

Thus, 400,000 for equipment that will last you to level 35+. Then to supply your potions, and etc. you would need a bit more mesos. Plus, you will not even need to scroll the overalls until later on, as you can train on Evil Eyes or Scorpions with just a clean black dragon, a red headband and sniper pills, with a base dex of 19. KnNghtmr -Actually, I would prefer a brown dana to red headband/green bamboo, but yeah good point.-iEpic

I dunno. MC2 is pretty fail exp. And Combo Drain IS MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than body pressure, in my opinion. If you are gonna train at mp3 from 55-65 or even 70, body pressure would hardly help. I maxed Combo at lv52 so it cuts my potting by maybe 90% or so. I'm not criticizing or anything. Specifics on training spots would be nice. My low dex aran guide comment please Runypro99's 40 Dex Aran Guide Runypro99

Replying to your comment on my guide: I dunno if maxing Combo Drain first doesn't work for you cus mine is low-dex so im hitting like 2k with like 8 triple swing while you might hit the same at 58 or so. The HP recovered might be hugely affected. My point is that by maxing Drain first you would be saving pots over a longer time, unlike Body Pressure where many monsters just switch to MA. Oh btw Combo Smash is 700%, not 600%. -Runypro99