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STR Mages use STR as their main stat therefore enabling them to use melee weapons but making their magic attacks weak. STR Mages mainly use their magic to buff themselves and leaving their fighting to melee weapons. Becoming a strong STR Mage is tough but with the help from this guide I will hopefully lead you down a successful path.

Why Be A STR Magician


  • Can Heal At 2nd Job
  • High Defence(all defence spells maxed)
  • Unique and Different Class
  • Makes Use Of Certain Event Weapons Otherwise Useless By A Normal Mage


  • Low Damage
  • No Mastery
  • Cant Wear Normal Mage Equips
  • Training Can Be A Bit Tedious

Starting Your Character

Create a new character and name it. Make sure your stats are as follows:

INT: As high as possible
LUK: 4


The reason for you to use this build is simple: You will be raising INT only to get the 1st job advancement and then never after that, you will never raise LUK seeing as you will never use anything that needs LUK requirements. STR and DEX will be raised no matter what, so it does not matter what they are now.

Being A Beginner

Welcome to Maple Story! Now that you are on Maple Island lets talk about your golden time as a beginner. There are a number of quests on the beginner land of Maple Island that can help you to get to your 1st job advacement. Make sure you do Pio's Collecting Recycled Goods quest to get a Relaxer amd the quest Please Bring This Letter To Lucas to get a hat to bosst your defence a little. By now you should have leveled so I am going to give you an AP build: First off put all of your points into INT until it reaches 20 then !STOP! you dont want to put anymore in seeing as you wont need it.
DEX: 2x your level
STR: Dump all extra points