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Red Guise

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<center>{| style="width:75%; height:75%" border="1" bgcolorDescription=="#FFFFCC"|-| rowspan="2=1" colspan="2" align="center"| [[Imageimage:Red_Guise.gif]]|| colspan="4" rowspan="2" valign="top"| Effects: +21 Weapon Defense, +1 DEX|| Class:|| Thief|-| <!-- column 1+2 occupied by cell--> <!-- column 3+4+5+6 occupied by cell-->|Level:|| 25|-| colspan="6"| Sold *Can be sold for: 15,000|| STR:|| 0mesos in stores|-==Required Stats==| colspan="6"| Upgrades available*Level: 7|| DEX30*Dex:|| 60|-*Luk: 80 | colspan="6" rowspan="2" valignEffects=="top"| Dropped by*Weapon Defense: None|| INT:|| 021|-| colspan="1" <!-- column *Dex +1+2+3+4+5+6 is occupied by cell-->| LUK:|| 80|-| colspan="6"| Bought =Obtained==*Available from: **Buy for 30,000 mesos at Kerning City Self-Defense Item Store, Orbis Armor Store, Herb Town Armor Store or Ariant Armor Store.  *Chance of acquiring this item from the following quests:**Acquire this item by completing [[Nemi's Dilemma]] (30,000Level 28)|| Fame:|| 0quest. |} </center>[[Category:Thief Hats]]

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