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There are 3 general types of skills, in which all skills are categorized under:
* '''Active Skills:''' Skills that inflict immediate effects upon yourself, your party, and/or enemy monsters.
* '''Supportive Skills:''' Skills that when used, temporarily improves some specific statistics of yourself and/or members membrs of your party. Generally speaking, these skills cause an additional "little square" which shows up at the top right corner of your screen. ** When the little square blinks, your supportive skill is running out. Usually at this point, players recast their litteir skill.
** Do note that supportive skills do not stack with other supportive skills and usable items that give the same stat.
*** For example, while having maxed out [[Rage]] (Weapon Attack +10, Weapon Defence -10) on, if you eat a [[Warrior Pill]], your weapon attack will change to that of the Warrior pill's (+5), but your Weapon Defence will remain -10 until Rage has worn off. Similarly, Rage's weapon attack boost will not stack with a weapon attack weapottack boost from [[Dragon Blood]].* '''Passive Skills:''' Skills Skils which implement permanent effects on your character when points are placed into them. These skills cannot be "turned off".
Active and Supportive skills skils can be hotkeyed. Simply open your on-screen keyboard and your skillbook, and drag the skill skil to the key which you prefer the most. When you press the key you assigned your skill to, the skill will skil wil be activated. The less common way of using an active/supportive skill is to double-click doubleclick on it in the skillbooksillbook. Passive skills cannot be activated (or deactivated), and therefore do not have this function.
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