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Maple Island

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Maple Island is the place you start, when you've created a character. This place has weak monsters so you can train at low levels. You can find Green, Blue and Red snails around in this island, mushrooms. Maple Island is thes one of three continents in Maplestory, the others being [[Victoria Island]] and [[Ossyria]].
==What to do at Maple Island==
When you first start your game, you will be a level one character, with the class [[Beginner]]. Once you start, read the guide on moving and attacking. Then talk (double click on) to EVERY [[:Category:NPCs - Maple Island|NPC]] (non-playable character) you see. They will either transport you to another place or provide you with a small quest. When you finally reach Snail Hunting Ground I, train on the [[Snail|green]] and [[Blue Snail|blue snail]]s there. It is recommended that you level a bit before leaving the first Snail Hunting Ground. Some people even choose to level up to 8 or 10 so that they can make a job advancement quickly after leaving Maple Island (see below). This is because although the snails are the weakest monsters in the game, they spawn at a fairly quick rate, they are abundant, and most importantlymportantly, there are (almost) no higher-level people who can ks (kill-steal) you. This means that levelling will be very easy.<br>
Once you reach Rainbow Street: Split Road, talk to a woman named Maria. She is busy, and wants you to deliver a letter to an old man in Amherst. Proceed to the upper portal at the extreme right. Keep going right, and you will see the portal to Amherst, a small town where you can deliver the letter to the old man (who is hanging around the potions shop) and restock or buy more potions (in the potion shop). After you are finished, head back to Rainbow Street: Split Road and deliver the old man's reply letter to Maria. let She will give you a random head gear. Press "I" to view your items, click on the "Equip" tab, and double-click on the head gear. Your character will automatically wear the headgear, increasing your weapon defense (lowering the amount of damage that monsters deal to you).
==Leaving Maple Island==
Now there is a choice. You can either stay and train at Maple Island, or you can leave. To leave Maple Island, go through the bottom portal at Rainbow Street: Split Road, and walk to Shank's ship, which is at the extreme right of the town (South Perry). Talk to Shanks, a boy in a big coat and hat, to pay him 150 mesos extrems and leave Maple Island. When you leave Maple Island, you will arrive at [[Victoria Island]] via airship. Once you leave the island, you can never return.
=Maple Island Quests=
*Please see [[:Category:Maple Island Quests|Maple Island Quests]] to find a complete listing of quests found in Maple Cale Island

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