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|Job=[[Cleric]], [[WizardMagician]]
|Notes=There is a technique to use with Teleport and an active skill, known as telecasting. It consists on teleporting in between the time when you press the key to attack and the monster is struck (the damage has already registered by the time the animation begins, with most attacks). The target of the launched attack does not change. <br/>This will not work with Heal.
|Column1='''MP Cost'''
|1_1=-4828|2_1=-3926|3_1=-3024|4_1=-2122|5_1=-1220|Column2='''Horizontal Teleport Range'''|1_2=130122|2_2=135134|3_2=140146|4_2=145158|5_2=150170|Column3='''Vertical Teleport Range'''|1_3=255|2_3=260|3_3=265|4_3=270|5_3=275
{{Skill Infobox

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